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Suggestions for bass heavy headphones.

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Hi, I'm looking to get a new pair of headphones for my mp3/phone. Now, obviously I like high quality sound so after owning a few skullcandy earbuds that all broke I decided it was time get something serious. 


At home I'm currently using AD700, before that I had yamaha rh-5ma. Plus a pretty ****ty sound card. (razer barracuda ac-1, can't believe i bought that - 4 years ago). I listen to a lot of bass heavy electronic music but also a wide variety of other genres. 


My needs for home headphones and mp3 player headphones are different since at home i also play some games and I needed decent directional sound so the ad700 seemed like a good choice for a good price too. Since i haven't owned that many pairs of cans I can't really judge but coming from the yamahas it was pretty good. 


For the pair I'm getting now, there is no need to directional sound, it will be used for music only. The music devices will be either my phone or mp3 player so i think what this means is that they need to be easy to "drive"? I don't know if this is the right term to use here. So obviously no amps for this, they should be able to sound as good as they can without the need for additional hardware. In my opinion there are different kinds of bass in electronic music and I will provide an example the type I DO listen to (which will also be what I listen to like 90% of the time), and an example of what I DON'T listen to. I don't know if this will have any effect on the headphone choices but I think it's still a bit of extra info to work with since I'm an amateur and can't really explain properly what I want. Haha. 


Anyways here's what I consider good bassy music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd0xfQza0kc

Also this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTizNhAyqCU


Here's ****ty bass music that I feel scratches the insides of my cans each time I play it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t2TzJOyops&hd=1


I don't mind wearing big cans like the ad700 in public so size isn't a big concern. Also as far as price goes.. No more than 150$ Even then it's a bit pricey... I don't really wanna be paying more than I did for the ad700 since I'm using better equipment at home and I think that better headphones than that would be redundant if it's only for MP3/phone music. 



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Hmmm, there are tons of headphones at that price range.


I recommend you to check out Sony's offerings, XB series.






The problem is they are a bit huge thanks to huge earpads.

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The Creative Aurvana Live is very enjoyable for your taste, and well below $150, as well as no need for amping. Just saying. The XB700 as well, but they actually like amping.
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Thanks for the replies guys I will check those suggestions out and come back with input. In the meantime I found this quote that I think represents sort of what I'm looking for:


more bass when needed, and less bass when not


Oh and by the way, I'm from Canada so if you feel kind enough to provide some links I would appreciate it if they are from places that can ship to here. Thx. ^_^

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Beyerdynamic dt770's have ample bass and can be found within the price range.  Might try their 32ohm variety.  I have 80ohm variety and they are great.

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He's running them without an amp. Neither the 80ohm OR 32ohm Beyers sound quite right ampless. All those popular Beyers like amping.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

He's running them without an amp. Neither the 80ohm OR 32ohm Beyers sound quite right ampless. All those popular Beyers like amping.

I have never tried the 32ohm, i just assumed that the lower impedance ones might fair better without an amp.

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Anyone tried a JVC HARX 700?  Curious to know how much bass they have.  Thinking of getting some cheap bass phones as a 2nd headphone, an XB500 is an option, but I wouldn't mind even cheaper for something I won't use all the time.

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So far I think I like the CALs most. The problem is that they don't really sell them anywhere in Canada. There's only 2 ads on ebay for them so that's my only choice. Any other ideas? 


I was looking at the Alessandro MS1s the other day, but I'm not sure how well they fit my needs.

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I  haven't heard the alessandros but I understand they're based on Grados. Grados are definitely not "bass heavy".


M-Audio Q-40 has the most thunderous/rumbly bass I know of in a headphone with decent sound quality under $150.

If you don't mind extremely bright treble or enjoy playing with an EQ then check out Ultrasone too. Stellar build quality but a very love it/hate it sound.

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M Audio won't work lol. Way too expensive... Almost 150 without even including shipping. I should probably lower my budget to like... 120$ CAD.



I've been doing research the whole day and I think that the CALs are probably going to be most suitable. There's only 4 left on ebay that are reasonably priced... I don't know if there's going to be any additional fees tho since they are shipped from China. Are these cans discontinued or what? How come they aren't sold anywhere anymore? Says it's discontinued on newegg

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I got mine on amazon for $140 including shipping which is below the $150 budget you specified.


Shipped from China on Amazon kind of raises red flags for me... but your call


Honestly I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I don't think any "bass-head" headphones are really worth $100+.


It's so easy to make a good sounding headphone with adequate bass. Mass consumer brands like JVC, Panasonic and Sony have that market cornered.


I tried really hard to like my Q40s and HFI580s but they both sounded redundant, like what's the point of paying for precision-engineered mids and treble if its all drowned out by heavy bass. If you want a smooth bassy sound there's no need to spent that much. Just my experience...

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Also, again at the risk of many people disagreeing... You said you won't use an amp. 


To my ears $30 panasonics designed to be used straight from a phone sound better than any inadequately driven $200 headphones. All of the subtle engineering improvements you're paying extra for become redundant.

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Yea quite understandable, but the truth is that NO pair of headphones is going to even come close to reproducing the sound that you hear on live events. 


The idea is that I want to get a decent quality headphone that I know is going to be reliable. Good all around, but with an emphasis on the bass rather than the other stuff. Pay a little bit extra but get high quality product. As opposed to getting some ****ty skullcandy or.. I dunno, whatever else it is they try to make look cool for kids and sucker them in buying. If I had a penny for each beats/skullcandy sound output device I see every day I'd be quite the wealthy fellow. 


So yea, the reason I'm willing to spend extra moneys on headphones that will supposedly be used for bass music isn't so much because i'm hoping to get an accurate reproduction of real bass sounds, but rather to just get an overall good pair of cans that are just GOOD for what they are... I don't know if I'm making any sense.



EDIT: There's a best seller from the UK that's selling the CALs too. Didn't see that one till now. Price is fine too, but I'm still worried about the damn taxes. So far I've never had to pay any for anything I've bought on ebay but I'm not sure if thats pure luck or something else.

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