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I bought myself a pair of DJ1's a few months back to compliment my 225i's for use with hip hop and electronic music. I'm quite happy with the sound quality, though I do think people were exaggerating the bass quantity a wee bit it's certainly a bassy headphone. What I am disappointed in is the comfort, and by extension, the build. This is mainly about the pleather, it sucks. Within a month's use it started going hard and tough, and the adhesive holding the headband padding on started to go. Not particularly impressed and it just brings down the feel of the headphone. It doesn't feel like quality and it isn't comfy. I remember people saying this was a problem with the M50, which was part of the reason I avoided them. It's pretty annoying that nobody seemed to mention that exact same issue with these. I haven't been able to find alternative padding, either.


So I'm after a similar sounding headphone with superior comfort and build / materials. The DT770 caught my eye. I've heard great things about it, but it seems that with every direct comparison I've found between the DT770 and the HFI-580, the Ultrasone walks away with the 'better sound' award, with people citing that it has superior clarity, tighter and punchier bass and better extended highs. The DT770 is said to have a bigger soundstage and more sub-bass, and better comfort. Can anybody confirm / challenge these statements? 


As far as I can see, the DT770 Pro 250's would be more expensive where I can find them ($200-230AU) compared to the $160AU I paid for the DJ1's. I'm planning on getting the Fiio e09k and e17 combo for the DJ1's regardless, so if I was to upgrade from them, I'd be amping the 770s from that. Would the 770s sound as good or even possibly better or is the DJ1 really that much of a bargain in the sound department?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.