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I received a $50 gift certificate to 


I'm looking for a new set of portable headphones under $200, so I'd pay no more than $150 ultimately. 


I'm considering the Bowers p3. I like how the Grado SR80i sound but they're not really portable in my view, given how large they are, how open they sound and how long the cable is. 


Any other suggestions from the experts? 


I listened to the p3s in an Apple store. I thought they were pretty good, but I'm a little concerned the p3s may not have enough hi's. I like some bass but don't need uber bass like the Beats (yuck). But I do appreciate the mids and hi's. The p3s, as has been pointed out in some posts here, seem a bit closed to me.


Other phones that have caught my interest from reading, though I haven't had a chance to test them - VModa M80, Audio Technica ATH M50. But Crutchfield doesn't sell them.


I would use the headphones at home, walking outside and on the train. I live in a city. But I'd actually prefer to be able to hear my surroundings a bit, despite the train noise. I find it dangerous walking around the city if I can't hear a thing! I'm a pretty short guy with a small head so I avoid the super large headphones. Even if I liked how Beats sounded, they'd look ridiculous on me. That's what led me to the p3s...



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