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So I originally ordered the non-usb version of the matrix m-stage, yet a couple of days ago I found out I received the usb version instead and I thought, "bonus". So I used it through USB since I thought "why not?", ever since I've used it via usb I've been getting sometimes seemingly random or predictable ear splitting static. Even when the music and all sound is turned off, the windows animation sounds will instead of being a little "ding" will be a "PFFFFSSSHHHT" of static instead. Often it will either go away on its own or I will have to turn it off, unplug the usb connection or disable it in windows.


After searching around I've tried various solutions:


  • I've moved the usb cable to a different connector
  • switched to a separately powered usb port via hub
  • usb a different usb cable
  • there are no windows enhancements enable
  • turned down the windows volume control volume down and used the amp to turn the volume up (to my ears displeasure when the static arrived)
  • CPU usage does not seem to be a factor, running prime95 on full ram and cpu usage has no effect
  • using the RCA input with full graphic stress test does not cause static
  • So far... the RCA input has had no static


It seems to happen when:

  • All I am doing is listening to music
  • When there is a medium amount of graphics usage (confirmed when running stress test, happens every time)
  • Sometimes when I am watching a movie (probably due to graphics usage)



I am guessing it could either be something wrong with the onboard DAC or it has to do something with my chipset since that I think handles the usb data and the PCI-E connections. Am I missing something? Is the DAC deffective? If so is it worth trying to get a replacement? or should I live with it?

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