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I've amassed quite a collection in a short while, will probably keep most of them...


GS1000i for most at home listening, LCD-2 for certain genres, RS1 for rock and metal.


For portable on the go use presently deciding between my T5p and Ed8, and still want to audition the W3000ANV too.


I think if I really wanted I could get down to only 2-3 headphones, two for at home and one portable set.


EDIT: Oh, and forgot some crappy Sony IEMs I have for cycling n stuff.

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Sennheiser 598s for long term listening, gaming, critical listening, and earmuffs.

Ultrasone HFI-580: Because the 598s can't do all kinds of music.  These I use mainly for isolation and good bass.

Grado SR-60i: My foray into the Grado world.  Still on a fence with them.  Likely going to need a different DAC/amp to get them to truly shine.



Sennheiser Amperior: I won them... Thinking back.  I likely would have bought them had I heard them.  Great, stylish porta cans.  Decent isolation for on ear headphones.  I love em.  


Oh yeah... forgot.

Future planned cans:

Sennheiser HD650

Ultrasone HFI-2400

Maybe a set of higher end Denons. 

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I just got started with headphones and have 3, can't seem to take my hd650s off my head though, hah. 

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Compulsion to post a random number!


If you have the money, the space, and the desire, get as many as you want. Who's going to judge...actually, who cares if they do?

Currently, due to lack of space and funding, I have 2: my MDR-V6 and my HAFX-35. I have no intention of setting a cap. If there's something I like the sound of that I can afford, I'll get it. Simple plan, but I don't see any real issues with it smily_headphones1.gif
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A few cans depending on the mood I am and the style of music that I want to listen too. I'm not a big fan of having a huge collection of headphones, but rather, a universal system with a few different signature headphones for my needs.

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3 for me:


DT 880/600 for everyday listening at home.

DT 770/250 for private listening, currently my "portable" on the bus or train as well.

Klipsch S3 for gym, they stick inside my ears pretty well.

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If you're not into a skewed sound signature one can be enough. 


For me the T1 is enough and so it should be. For the price tag I could buy several nice headphones that would cover the whole spectrum.

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8 for me.


Regular Home Listening:

-Denon D7000 (for the fun, bass heavy, clear sound)

-Senn HD 600 (when my ears call for neutrality)

-Grado SR225i (when i crave that edgy, forward sound - also use these with all my vinyl)



-Beyer DT 770 Pro80 w/gel pads (whether at home/work/plane, I use these when I need extreme isolation)



-Koss Porta Pro (small lightweight cans for a stroll around the neighbourhood, park listening, and running errands close by)

-Koss TBSE1 (If I'm going on trip/vacation and want an inexpensive headphone that I don't have to worry about, and that fold down flat in a compact carrying case)

-Brainwavz M4 (when I'm out for the day and want a small footprint to put in my pocket or bag)

-Brainwavz Beta (same as above, except I wrap them around my music player instead of in their case. I use these not caring what happens to them, like for going to the beach)


This is all I really need, and am done with my journey. I have other cans lying around, but they only get used on occasion for odd reasons. I would like to try a modified T50RP, so that might be a future purchase when I'm looking for a new toy to have fun with.

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Ideally I would only have one or two headphones. One if I find the "ultimate" headphone. Two if I just choose to have one neutral pair for my home recording studio, and one "fun" beater for work/school. I currently have 6 because I'm still experimenting but I've already decided to get rid of the 580s and Q40s. I doubt the Sonys are worth anything and the Grados are disintegrating. The Shures and AKGs are probably keepers which is funny because they sound so opposite from each other but I like both.
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Headfi is like a tour..a journey of sorts...
Trying out the diff flavors out there
Beyers akgs ultrasones denons seins etc
The day will come when I pick one to end the day with...
When my hearing is dimmed,
That should be a pair of BEATS...tongue.gif

Meanwhile I m juggling with a buffet.
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I own three pairs, but only use two...


My Alessandro MS-1i are my daily headphones around the city and on the subway, etc, and rocking out at home.


MDR-7506 for recording sound on set, really long listening sessions (the beyer pads almost make me not want to take them off), and when I travel on a on long bus/plane trips and need sealed cans.


I never use my Koss Pro DJ-200, I keep them around as extra client monitors on set as they are sealed.  I got them for free (they were handed out as a promotional thing when they were released at a recording industry thing) and never really liked them over my other cans to use them frequently, and they just sit on my shelf.  I really like the case they come with though.


I will say I wish I had a decent pair of IEMs sometimes, but often when I really NEED IEMs, I really don't need to be listening to music...

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One open
One closed
One portable

Realistically (for me):

One open (balanced)
One open (fun)
One closed (fun)
One portable (fun)
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wow what a great question i thought about this many times as well.


what i have....

1 for home open headphone 

1 for portable IEM

1 for gym/workout waterproof securely fitting IEM



1 for home open headphone

1 for studying/work closed headphone

1 for portable IEM

1 for gym/workout any type


so 4 seems to be my magic number

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4 IEMs: EX1000, slight V shaped, excellent detail, wide sound stage, excellent quality bass. FX700 for excellent timbre, detail, deep bass.

um3x, mid centric, layering of music, sounds like your in a recording room with the artist. SM3, mid centric, wide sound stage. And HD600.


Planning on selling one of my IEMs to get a closed full sized can with more detail Vs. HD600.

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Honestly, I'd say one headphone with excellent clarity + a hardware equalizer 



200 headphones with really extreme sound signatures and average clarity


Clarity is my #1 thing in headphones because you can always learn how to EQ the sound sig but you can't make a pair that sounds like they're in a cardboard box sound clear no matter what you do. That's an incurable driver illness.

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