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Originally Posted by rx79ez08 View Post

Remind of what my workmate said when asked what is the optimal number of bikes a biker should own.

Answer was, "n + 1, where n is what you have currently."

So true! That's why I'm trying to decide between, Shure, Audio Teechnica and Denon to be the maker of my next set. Plus I need something to replace my ATH-M10's as my portable rig.

Currently I own:

AKG K172 (for super clarity/critical listening)

Beyerdynamic DT770-por 80 (pleasant sound +MAD BASS)


Audio Technica ATH-M10 (portable)

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I currently use two pair: HD 600s for home use and Ety ER4s for portable and home use. Both sound great through my Grace m902 but I am considering getting a tube amp (I have always benn a solid state guy) to try in my other set up.


I am really happy with both and really do not see the need for any others- may try an Audeze in the future, but the fear of becomming addicted to headphone rolling as so many here have sucumbed to has me "just saying no..."

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i currently have two headphones and one IEM..

i might need another IEM soon.


but for the cans, i guess two is enough..

..for now? who knows, i might decide to go get some more. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by adgaps View Post

i might need another IEM soon.




"need" - a good way to put it. It's truly amazing how we justify what we need. I totally needed a second IEM too. 

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I am trying to cut down my inventory (by selling some) at the moment.


Right now, I have about 5 pairs in rotation.  Alessandro MS1 (which I am selling), the Jaycar Digitech Pro Monitors, Monoprice 8320, Koss PortaPros and the JVC FX101.


I also have about 3 other pairs just laying around my house, not in use.  Or brand new still in the boxes (which I am also trying to sell).



Once I get rid of about 4 of those pairs, I do plan on getting the V-Moda M-80 and hopefully be done buying for a while.




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Trying to cut down my collection due to the fact that I need the funds and I'm trying to live more simply with fewer cans. It's always sad to see my cans go though. However, I feel a little more peace and get to bandage up my wallet. It's also good to pass them on to the community for a good price, so that someone can have the opportunity to enjoy them.

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