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Re-shelling in Canada?

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Hi all,


I'm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I am a musician.

I started out with a standard issue 5 pro and recently moved up to a 10 pro - they lowered heaps in price!


I am having fit issues though, none of the inserts seem to stay in my ears - the complies being the exception but not a great choice economically - I play a lot and they break apart within a month, or less.


No I'm wondering whether or not I should look into reshelling - or getting a whole new IEM altogether (the latter option I'm not so keen into - $400 on the UE 900 can be better spent towards a new keyboard, for example...)


Is there a place around Vancouver that does re-shelling? What is the price that I would be looking at? What are the benefits?


I like the Triple fi sound - very transparent and I can hear everything in the monitor mix very well. Will the reshelling make this even better??


Thanks for the help guys!

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PM me vancouverite

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