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New cable for the AIAIAI TMA-1

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Hi there, can you give me a suggestion for a good cable (and plug) to match with the TMA-1 headphones?

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Neutrik NYS231BG and Mogami 2893.

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thanks for the quickly response, i asked this because a friend of mine build for me a Mogami cable with two pailiccs plug, but this plug then turned out to be too large for the headphone jack.

the Neutrik plug you suggested has the right size to be connected to this headphones?

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The Pailiccs was too big?  As in the size of the casing or the contacts (or pin, whatever you prefer to call it)?  I thought that TMA-1 used a standard 3.5mm plug for cable detachment.

Oh, I see the issue.  I'm not sure how you can use your own cable without modifying the headphone.

If you are lucky, you can just reterminate one end of the Pailiccs cable with this plug.  If that doesn't work, then you are out of luck without using a dremel or something to make the cable-entry hole bigger in the headphone.  If you do that, only dremel the area in green and just a little bit:



If that is not enough, you will probably have to find a way to replace the jack altogether with a different one that will allow you to use whatever custom cable that you want.  Switchcraft PCB-mount jacks are probably your best choice for this.  (example)


Edit: Or you may have to go with a dual entry cable, hardwired, like thaddeussmith did it:


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