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I have today received a pair of TF 10's that I have bought from a forum member and I just love the sound of them. It's my first pair of BA IEM's and it's a real treat. My other IEM's are Klipsch S4, Shure E215, Atomic Floyd HiDefJam and SoundMagic E30, so you can see this is quite a step up for me. I am just loving the sound of these TF 10's, they sound very precise and yet musical to my ears, and if I want a little more of something, a slight tweak of the EQ and it's sorted, though to be honest they respond very well with the EQ off and just as they are. Anyway, before I start rambling, that's not why I am posting... :-)


I have read many reports of people not being able to get these IEM's to fit their ear canals properly and I can understand why people struggle. Not only are the headphones an odd shape, but they have a very short stem on them and the fitting of any sort of regular sized ear bud on that stem, leaves you with a very short and stubby stem to get into your ear canal. People seem to report all sorts of ways of dealing with this issue, including inverting foam tips or creating their own custom fitments etc. etc.


What if you are like me though, and would rather have silicon tips than foam (I am aware I am unusual in this regard) what sort of tips can you use that would get these wonderful headphones to fit your ear canal. Sony Hybrid silicons perhaps ? No, they don't fit me either, so what is the solution...


For me, it has been some cheap, triple flange, soft silicon eartips I got from ebay. They reach well into my ear canal and for those of you for whom they are too long, you could cut the top section off and turn them into dual flange.


This, for me, has turned a pair of great quality headphones from something I was going to have to re-sell because of poor fit, to a wonderful experience that is comfortable and sounds fantastic.


Here's a link for what I bought, and I hope it helps some of you who would love to use these headphones but are struggling to get them to fit and don't like foam tips. Ignore the fact it says they are for Dre's, they fit the TF10's just fine. I use them just as they are, but they would modify easily, to be shorter.


Just for clarity, I have no connection with this seller whatsoever. I am just trying to help people.