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Ety HF5 and portable amps

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Hi guys,

I'm pretty new here and after quite abit of reading up on the basics of sound and reviews done on each IEM for an entry level person like me, I purchased my first pair of decent (I hope) IEMs in the Etymotics HF5.

I might have missed some articles or discussions here, but specific to the HF5s, which are very low impedance, I was wondering if amping is even required. Do people usually only amp when they are using high impedance IEMs because their DAP struggles to power the IEM..? I've read that some people amp to color the sound even when using low impedance IEMs. Wouldn't that mean the IEM is actually "imperfect" to the user and that the user should then have gotten a different IEM which provides the sound he wants? Of course unless no commercially available pair of IEMs fits the user's bill..

Am I making sense?

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Great first post...

Yes the Etymotic HF5s do not require an amp, nor do any in the Current Etymotic lineup.

Having said that, an amp can act as a turbo charger of sorts. It can deliver a little better power to the IEMs in use. Not a very technical answer, I know. Perhaps the more educated will chime in.

Adding color/eq'ing an IEM is much easier with a high quality driver, then with a low quality driver. This area is often times for those that might not be happy with their final audio output device (IEM).

I am begining to ramble, so I will sit down and wait for others to chime in.

Welcome Aboard, Jim
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Many thanks for your input. I've got tons to learn and hopefully have myself started on the right foot with the Ety HF5. I'm quite certain I've fallen in love with my favorite singer all over again. However, being somewhat of a perfectionist (as I'm sure everyone here is), I'm striving towards a higher place in sound heaven.

I don't have much of a setup going in terms of audiophillia (pretty sure that's not a word). I'm listening to my music on my Galaxy Nexus directly connected to the HF5. Its just that everyone around seems to have a music player with some form of digital line out to an amp, then connected to their IEMs. I'm guessing I should be upgrading to a dedicated player first? I might bite the bullet when the new iPod is released in a week or so.. Hmm..

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The Line-out function has already been discontinued on the newer version of iPods. Sadly.

I was itching to get my hands on one of the nanos. Oh well. For now i think we should just stay put and see how the iPod market evolves in the mean time. If you don't mind. I recommend you to get the older generation of iPods. Since the LOD is already made available and (i assume) the production of the LODs should be stable.



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Can consider FiiO L9 for iPod LoD.

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I use a cmoy bb with my Hf5's and Classic Ipod, It won't be the critical listening that you can have sitting at home with a DAC/"Big" amp, but it's amazing the definition it brings to them. I quite honestly use this setup on my hour break from work everyday :)

Congrats on the Ety's! They're a serious start into hifi. First set I bought too!

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