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M-Audio Q40 Studiophile Replacement Cable [Found the Solution]

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I've had m-audio q40 studiophile headphones for about two years now and i have gone through 3 replacement cables already.


yes, i know the pain people. we all went through the same ******** and have to deal with ****ty customer service from m-audio.


i, in fact, sent an email 4 days ago to m-audio customer service regarding their replacement cables... because my last replacement cable broke... just like the other ones.


anyway, i still haven't gotten the email back... and i believe they are going to continue to ignore our requests to build better quality cables.


what's more ******** is that they raised the price of these ****ty cables from 12 US Dollars to 20 US Dollars. just utter ********.


this time, i wasn't going to buy another ******* cable from them so i decided to do some research.. and found this.. http://www.head-fi.org/t/506494/m-audio-q40-replacement-cable


which is not a bad solution, however didn't like the fact that i had to use knife to carve out the tip and make it fit.


also didn't like the aesthetics of it and the color.. just wasn't fly for my taste.


today, i decided to go to radioshack to get 3.5mm male to male for my car.. then BOOM. i found the perfect replacement.



Here are the photos.





dear, m-audio


i like your products and all.. but you are just trolling the customers too hard..


wonder who is behind the desk of customer service... you need to do your ******* job.


listen to customers and try to change. 


never gon spend another dime for your stupid piece of **** cable.



========================================[ UPDATE ]============================================



I went to radioshack again today and got another option to test it out.


it works perfectly. actually its better because the tip is skinnier and gold plated.


only downside is that the cable looks little out of place.. these cables don't come in black.. the closest thing you can find is charcoal grey.


and the cable itself has different texture.. i believe its for anti-tangling.


if you want the cable that matches better with Q40 Studiophile, i suggest you get the regular radioshack cable.


anywho.. i introduce you.. the "AUVIO 3.5mm stereo cable. (6ft)"


Here are the photos



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Nice cable, looks perfect for Q40. I bought the thinner Monoprice 8323 DJ cable for my Q40 of some forum user personally but this one looks better (the cable itself is suitable thick whereas it's a bit on the thinner side in case of the Monoprice cable)

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Just a question, how do you fit this regular 3.5mm without the screw on?

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when you see the photos i have provided, you can see that they just fit without the screws.........


that was the whole point of finding these replacement cables.


they fit in the headphones like they would fit in any 3.5mm holes. nice and firm.

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Thx for the info, cant find the Auvio cables in Canada, I guess any regular 3.5mm will have to be cut to fit the screw on.


What a screw up from M-Audio...

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you can probably order online if you live in canada.


look on amazon as well. and ebay. and other online stores you can possibly look into.

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For the record atleast Sennheiser HD215 cable should screw in fine as mentioned on M-Audio forums.

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hello, please can you tell me how can i get the replacement cable for the q40 headphones, i know that you just sayd that them didnt work very well, but i broke the cable and it wasnt mine so i have to buy exactly the same cable!



i have looked in amazon and ebay and i cant found only the cable, im am from Ecuador (thats why my english is not the best), but i have someone that is in EEUU that could buy the cable and send it to me...




PLEASE answer..... its an emergency!!!

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