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Whoo where do I start. Sorry guys didnt log on for a few days guys. 


The bird wrapped around the neck thing actually works for the most part. Yes its gross, but in reality its one of the best options. No we didnt just drop the dog on our property and call it done. We have trained him, but to be honest we kind of stopped it early, more so than our other older dog, whom we actually had the time to take him to a dog training class, which taught us humans, and him how to behave. In reality I need to get back on the training, and ensure the event doesnt re-occur. 


I didnt put a get rid of the chickens option, because mostly I was kind of stressed, tired, and just forgot about it. 


Also my neighbors wouldnt think twice of a gunshot, mostly because we live about 1 mile from the nearest person. Regardless I would never consider shooting my dog in a residential area, too tragic, too many things wrong, too many people to hear that awful sound. 


The main thing about the wrap the duck around it, is somewhat along the lines of odor training, mixed with others. No i didnt create the idea of it, but its worked for a lot of people, but it has to be the animal he specifically killed, otherwise hed never understand why hes being punished.  


As an update, weve kept both, but kept the chickens in their pen for the most part as of late. We also put his electrical collar back on, so he usually behaves better, and hasnt really gone near the chicken coop since. Were slowly working on training him further, and trying to make sure in general he keeps away from  the area. 


Lately hes been behaving well though, knock on wood, so were keeping our hopes up.