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yes i second the fiio e17

i have it and i really enjoy the adjustable bass

if you really want more bass, i'd say go for the digizoid

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Originally Posted by MadDawg View Post

Sorry this took so long, I came down with strep throat and have been pretty busy catching up with work.


So I got my e17 in and have been using it with my computer via optical at home (only for testing since I have an x-fi titanium) and usb at work (where I primarily listen to music for hours at a time.)  All I can say is WOW, this thing has the same amount of power as the front-port amp that is on my x-fi and the quality is almost indiscernible between the two.  As a DAC this thing is fantastic, compared to my work computer's headphone out it is not even on the same level.  As an amp, I can only compare it to an e6, which seems like a simple toy now...  The e17 has so much power, I could never imagine listening at the loudest levels, in fact I am scared to even turn it up all the way with them off my head.  If you adjust the bass to +10 (~15dB boost) these cans will literally shake around on your skull.  It seems like the gain levels affect the bass a little as well.  The amp seems relatively neutral at 0 gain but as you set it to +6 or +12 it seems to get a little warmer.  I do not have the required knowledge to do a full review of this amp so let me just tell you how I feel.  The money I spend on the Pro700MK2's: well spent, feel great about the purchase, but still wonder if I might get something else after a year or so of having these.  I am thinking about getting a new open set for movies/gaming/music combo.  Possibly jumping into the $500+ range here, but overall I am VERY satisfied with the MK2's.  Now on to the e17 dac/amp: I am 110% satisfied here, I see no reason to upgrade this anytime soon.  I got everything I imagined that this would be when I set out to make my amp purchase.


If you have any doubts that the MK2/e17 combo will satisfy your basshead needs just stop.  There is no doubts here, in fact I highly doubt that you will regularly end up leaving the bass all the way turned on on the e17, it's too much at times.


Feel free to reply or pm me if you have any questions here,


I think I'm going to try a simillar set up. Not sure if I'll need a DAC so I'll liekly opt for the e11. Thanks for the update. I just about ready to order now.

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I hear great things about the e11, I highly doubt you will regret your purchase.  Be sure to follow back up and let us know what you get and how you like it.

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I finally got the ATH-Pro700Mk2 and E11. I've only had it for less than 24 hours so I'll give you my initial impressions then a follow up later after I've had more time to try them out and "burn them in". I’m not an audiophile so my analysis will be basic.


The Packaging- who cares...


The Build- It was my 1st time seeing them in person. They seem to be very durably for a product that is mostly plastic. The ear pads are bigger than I expected but still not quite big enough for me. I read a lot of complaints about them being uncomfortable and the clamping force being too tight. When I first put them on I was pleased with the comfort. However, after wearing them for a while my ears became fatigued and they were uncomfortable. They don't fit completely over my ears and they press on the top part of my ears and it starts to hurt after about 40 minutes or so. My ears are on the large side so it may not be a problem for some. I'll definitely try the M50 pads.  I have a big head but I don’t’ think the clamping force will be a problem once I get the larger M50 pads. The size of the headphone is not too big to wear in public in my opinion. (I shied away from XB-500s because the size of them looks sort of ridiculous to me.) Since they are made mostly of plastic they are pretty lightweight.


The Sound- I tried them with my laptop, android, ipad and sony mp3 player without the E11. The overall sound quality was good but I wasn’t impressed with the bass at all. I was thinking I just wasted my money… then I connected the E11 and BOOM.  The E11 made all the difference in the world. A lot of reviews have said these can easily be driven without an amp- Not True/Not If You Are a Basshead. The ATH-Pro700Mk2 must be amped! They come alive when amped. That is when you can really hear the low end. They highs and mid are good- very clear. You can hear all the detail in your music.

After I’ve tried them for a while I’ll post an update.

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glad to hear you like your headphones which is always good to hear (or be read).

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MK2 with 840 pads 1,172k .jpg file


MK2 with 840 pads 1,093k .jpg file


I was thinking of getting M50 pads for my  MK2s. After reviewing the "M50 with 440/840 Pads" thread I decided to try 840 pads on my ATH-700 MK2s. They fit perfectly and are now much more comfortable. I cannot really tell much difference in sound but the seal is better. 840 pads are much softer to the touch than MK2 pads. Totally worth the $15.

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