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IEM started being bassy.

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Hi there. So I dropped my Brainwavz M3s on the floor again and one casing came apart, just like on this picture. I did what a review on this site suggested and just closed it back, however the bass in this bud is now muddy and is sticks out by 2-3 dB. I opened it again and it turns out it's the same with the open casing.



Any suggestions on the possible cause and the way to fix it are welcome, even witchcraft will do, as I'm thinking of trying to break the second one the same way and just tune the bass down. Thanks in advance.

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I thought it was just my imagination, but this seemed to have happened with my branwavz M1. Put them through the wash and the casings fell off and now they seem to have more bass than I remembered.


not quite sure how to fix this though..

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The case isn't sealed and the is working like a rear vent. Get some silicone sealant or contact cement to glue them back. Also ckeck that where the cable comes our of the case is still sealed if designed that way. (m1 is) Don't know if something else is wrong with the M!s but the case generally snaps together with a decent seal. Get a click.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll try that. The wires inside don't move, so the cable seems to be sealed.

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