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Any 2012 Headphones?

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I'm looking for a new set of headphones and to start off (and I feel bad about this now D: ) is that I own a set of Beats Pros and Plan to sell them (to a friend) so I could buy another. I've looked into several headphones, The Audio-Technica ATH M50's, Crossfade M-80's and the Incase Sonic. The thing I like about the Pro's is the build, I'm not the most careful guy in the world, I like tight headphones that aren't feather-light and something that's bulky that fits my head. I would consider the ATH M50's but I want a portable headphone, so the headjack on the M50's aren't really desirable and the lack of detachable cables again, aren't really in my liking. Crossfade M-80's are just too small to my liking (gives me the Beats Solo feel). The Incase Sonic to me, looks nice, and the size, the cable are all into my liking (so overall, I'm happy with the build) But the internet lacks review on how good it sounds. The Price I'd set is about $200 since that's probably the price my friend will accept. So if anyone used the Sonic's, or have something that meets my needs that are similar to the ATH M50's and Crossfade M-80's, PLEASE tell me as that would be awesome amount of help.

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The Denon D2000 are closedback headphones with amazing soundquality and deep punchy bass. The other heasphones like Sony ZX700, Harmen kardon BT, Shure 840, even 440 are good buy.

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I like the new lines of cans by pioneer and akg a lot too and they clamp
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