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Need advice on headphones to compliment my Q701. (<200$)

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Current Setup: Audinst-Hud-MX1 -> AKG Q701 / Sennheiser HD 280.


I like my setup a lot but here's the problem - Q701 are too detailed for bass heavy music like electronic and hip hop. HD 280's on other hand do those genres well but get too sweaty and uncomfortable really quick.


What I need is a <200$ large-head fitting & big comfortable cushion, bass capable headphone that would compliment my neutral Q701 well. 


* DT770 is my top contender so far but my main concern is their treble.

* Also saw Beyer Custom One Pro but unsure what they're all about but they seem to meet price and criteria.

* Another option I've considered is getting Fostex T50RP's and modding them for better sound and more comfort, but I'm not huge into DIY and am afraid of screwing things up.


Any other suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance.

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The DT770 would be a good choice. I don't find it's treble too bright. It's not as spikey as the DT990 to me. It's not overly bassy either on it's own, but it is more bassy than the Q701 by a few hairs. The Denon D2000 would be an excellent choice for you in all ways. You retain a relatively neutral signature with some warmth and some ultra flat sub-bass. People say Denons are bassy, but I don't think they are. The bass isn't enhanced far over the rest of the frequency response. It's flat down to 30hz. For a headphone to be bassy, in my opinion at least, it has to have enhanced bass that extends higher in volume in bass frequencies than everything else by a margin (like Ultrasone PRO 900). Just because something can drop 30hz at the same volume as 300hz and 3khz doesn't describe bassy, it describes flat. But, because it can drop such great subbass tones unlike other headphones, it can sound "bassy" when it needs to. I find Denon excellent for electronic. And just enough sparkle to make it fun. The modded T50RP would be an excellent choice. Buy one pre-modded maybe. The Mad Dog is bassy, and very dark sounding. It's excellent for everything, but again, dark, so great for people sensitive to treble.


Very best,

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