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Yes I read reviews about that transportable amp being capable of handling any headphones with authority
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What is this the Pan Am thread or the Ifi fan boy conglomerate?!
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biggrin.gif yes pan am !!!
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Pan Am and not Pan Am biggrin.gif
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Just compared again Voskhods with Sylvanias. When I put Sylvania in right channel and Voskhod in left I didn't hear much difference between left and right, so the difference must be in low low and high high where human ear would not distinguish.

Played same song (Tomcraft - Pulsar) again and again and I found again same thing - both tubes are almost the same, where Voskhods are tinny bit louder, and they have stronger low-low and high-high ends, but then Sylvania show much cleaner presentation, it definitely is more detail, but I wouldn't be able to distinguish, the thing I do distinguish, and why I know Sylvania is playing is feeling of "Presence" of the music.

Weird... I thought I would be more on bass-headed side, but surprisingly more detail is something that makes me listen and listen and listen and listen again, sane and same and all over the same song. I guess human hearing self-adjusts and you can get bassy feeling in bright headphones as well, but what brain cannot do is to increase amount of detail. Actually detail makes brain think things are real, while less detail automatically makes your brain know sound is fake. You can't help it - this is your brain biggrin.gif
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I have had a few days to really get to know the PanAm better, and I have to say it does not disappoint, I am only trying to get funds together to get some Mullard tubes for this DAC/Amp unit, and only thing I do not care for so far is not having a RCA out and or preamp option for when I would like to use a Solid state amp, for better pairing with certain headphones. I have been steadily using this unit along with the Gateway psu alongside the HD600's and the ER4PT( I have listened a bit with them being that I am newer to in ear monitors, but they actually pair really well) Both sound great with the amp which is a exceptionally good tube amp. Being that there is a warmth but not overly warm with the tubes so far, to where I am losing out in detail. I would say that the DAC is a fairly good one at that, on par with the ODAC as far as clarity and clean conversion of my flacs and other tracks. The fact that I can use low gain to drive both the HD600s and the Tenore zero IEMs and get no hiss or static that I can hear to my ears really impresses me. I actually find this amp and dac suited to being versatile with many phones and Iems alike. Granted this is subjective, but I think that I am overall happy with the single set up for my desk setup. I am selling the Fournier HTA-2 which in it's own right is fantastic, giving a realism and rare energy to music I have yet to hear done from even more expensive units. In that same thought though I am not upset that I am using the PanAm's amp because it is equally as fantastic, and sounds very accurate with still have some warmth and especially life and musicality. 



EDIT: I have a pair of ZMF X Vibro's that I am going to try out on the way should be here by the weekend. And hopefully the T70's that were suppose to arrive but have not been(I swear I will lose it if USPS loses another package) And I will be trying out both of those with the PanAm and let you guys know how I feel about the sound. I am hoping the ZMF will sound good with this, and be able to be drive with authority, from what I have seen and read about phones that are good mates to the Panam give me hope

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