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I tried side by side the n8 and the voodoo samsung i9000.


The samsung smashed the n8 to bits. It wasn't funny. It wasn't close. And I this was pretty consistent with whichever headphone I used, ranging from £10 ones to £1000 ones. There were a few that displayed very little change between both phones though.


I've tried around 12 other smartphones and the samsung has come out on top all the time. Actually, nowadays I can't be bothered to waste any more time testing out smartphones as I've found my staple. 

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i a b the sgs1 voodo with all my iems and the sgs1 got killed.i dont use my old s1 anymore
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Which IEM's may I ask?? Was it with a voodoo kernel??? Poweramp/ Playerpro????


The n8 isn't bad. It's not better than the iphone 4, but it's better than a heck of a lot of the other smartphones I tried. The main areas it lags behind the voodoo sgs1 is in clarity, instrument separation, control within the high range and tonality there too. The bass sounds a bit bloated too. 

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u the troll mate.my sgs1 is using stock player rooted running vodoo control plus.i used turbine gold jvc fx1x jvc fx101 cks77 and jvc fx3x.ive used power amp player pro etc.every time the nokias beat my sgs1.im a uk garage signed producer so i know about sound.i aint gonna keep arguing.and i never said the nokias are better than the ip4 and they aint if u go by rmma.but the ip4 is too cold an anilitacal for me so sold it straight away.the nokia 808 is a king using headphone out.sound quality is subjective and i prefer the darker sound sig of the nokias i suggested.i stil have my sgs1 so i anint a hater but perhaps u are good bye
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You write as if you are text messaging back in the year 2000- when phones didn't have qwerty keyboards. That motivated my troll claim. Understand?


Fair enough, that's what you think. And that's what profiles are for- list what headphones you have so people can know something about how you approach your decisions. 

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I'd like to piggy-back on the original post, but with a couple questions of my own:


First, am I correct in understanding what makes iPhones so good for audio is the audio pins in that 32 pin connector that let the signal bypass the phone's internal amp & dac? Is there any way for another phone to do this? I'm up for a new phone and plan come Dec.* and would like to avoid Apple, but if that's the only way to go then I'll bite the bullet.


*I do plan on getting a portable amp, dac, or amp+dac to go with whatever phone I buy.


Second, the first page references modding a Galaxy S variant. What does modding it entail, and for what purpose? I would not object to breaking open the phone for something simple, but I'm no electrician and don't have too many tools at my disposal.


Lastly, is Voodoo a downloadable app from the store, or something I would have to root an Android smartphone in order to use?



(formatting should be fixed, noscript really got me there...)

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If you want to use an external DAC/amp then the Galaxy S3 is your best option, it is stock functionality for the S3 and no Root or modifications are required. The selection of USB DACs/amps that work with the S3 is vastly less limited than those that work with the iPhone.

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somebody please awnser about the pantech burst or samsung galaxy exhilarate pleeaasee

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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post

The few phones soundquality i realy liked are Sony Xperia Ion, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II HD and HTC one X.

is the sony xperia ion better then the  one x and s2?

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Originally Posted by Assuredthronee View Post

somebody please awnser about the pantech burst or samsung galaxy exhilarate pleeaasee

i am interested in the sq of the Pantech Burst as well. you can find it for under $150 off contract and it seems to be the most highly thought of budget android phone. it is also getting ics very soon. seems like a great option if the sq is good. 

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the htc one x is now free at walmart so that is an option but how is the sound quality?

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I've been running a Samsung Droid Charge (an LTE enabled variant of the original Galaxy S) with Voodoo Sound and it has the lowest noise floor and highest maximum output of any portable device I've ever owned (basically every single iPod variant, and a Zune.)  I used to love my 5th Gen iPod w/ Rockbox but my Droid Charge sounds more accurate w/ less hiss.


Stock, my Droid Charge hissed like mad through a set of Ultimate Ears Triple.fis but since Voodoo Sound allows for direct analog amp control, I could crank up the digital volume and taper down the analog gain to wipe out the hiss completely.  


If you're on Verizon's LTE network, I'd say the Droid Charge w/ Voodoo Sound is the best audiophile smartphone until Supercurio (the Voodoo Sound developer) starts supporting newer handsets (hopefully the Galaxy Note II).

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Anyone tried the Blackberry z10? 

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is it possible in a way to connect for example a Fiio e11 to the z10? 



i'm a noob....please don't bash me

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Any Android will be fine with the multitudes of apps available. Just pick a phone you would like. Unless your using a $1000 set of headphones I highly doubt you would be able to hear a difference with phone outputs.

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