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REALLY need help with finding a good Full-Size Headphone.... I'm on my 5th round of buying and returning headphones, I'm going nuts!!

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I listen to music all day and I really mean all day. Ever since I started college 4 years ago I simply can't go an hour with out needing to hear some tunes.

I just bought a whole crazy mac design work station, I run pretty much 80% of my music from my Mac Pro (not MacBook Pro) and sometimes my iPhone.

My girl got me a pair of Skull Candy Skull Crushers a year ago for my B-Day. Plugged them in turn the bass amplifier on and all I could remember was when I saved and bought 2 

JBL Studio S310ii for my room and how i wish i could just tie them to my head LoL i never took them dam things off..... well about a month ago my Skull Candy Skull Crushers die, sound cut out of the left speaker, so I said I got some cash let me spend some more the get more. I spent hours online comparing, read/watching reviews etc... after about 2 days of research i went out to make my purchase. First pair I bought were a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 15, not bad liked the noise-cancelation, fit was ok but I was in love. Tried them out for 5 days but i don't know it just sounded to me a little off. Went back and returned them. 2nd I Bought Beat Solo by Dr.Dre, not bad, sound was nice and after adjusting the sound with Audio HiJack Pro it was  pretty good. Then after wearing them for over 10 hours kind of half way forgetting their on and having my Mac Pro under my desk I kept getting up and having them yanked off my head, i saw they had a wireless edition, went back returned the Solo's. 3rd I bought Beat's Wireless by Dre and the sound was still good like the solo's and was really loving the bluetooth connection. I kept them for about 2 weeks, i kept messing with my Audio HiJack settings trying to get the perfect settings (granted I have no music background, so it was all trial and error till i got the right effects and filters). The only problem was that if their was no sound being streamed to the headphones a beep would sound when connection was down and beep when it connected again. And this isn't setup/pairing problem, it seemed to be the bluetooth connection but, still got great sound. Yet after wearing them for over 15 hours when you take them off since they are On-Ear Headphone the surge of pain through my ears as I took them off was driving me mad. Went and returned them just 3 days ago, cause seriously spending around $300 for headphones I should be able to get good sound and comfort. My 4th pair is Sennheiser RS 170, came home set them up hoping they would be just right... I found myself trying to get them to sound good, switching the output connection, midi settings and reading how I could make them sound better. And after all the review I read saying the sound is excellent and blah blah, I was confused, was I missing something. To me they have a "hollow sound" and when I adjust up the effects and equlizers they seem to peak and the sound craps all in my ears.... I am going nuts and now I don't know what to buy, I seriously don't want to do another round of returns. SOMEONE WITH REAL AUDIO KNOWLEDGE HELP ME!!!


What I am looking for is: Full-Size or Over the ear, Wireless or Bluetooth (if it doesn't lower the sound quality) that has a deep, loud bass (Like the SkullCrushers with the amplifier) and over all great sound quality. 


I listen to a sort of wide range of Artists, Birdy Nam Nam, XXYXX, Moderat, Friendly Fires, Little Milton, J.S. Bach, Vivaldi etc... 


And if it is the wireless/bluetooth that is giving me the poor sound quality, i'd rather forget that and buy a long headphone extension cord.


I really liked the sound of the Beats Wireless and that I can still connect it with a headphone jack and still listen while it charges but very, very uncomfortable.

The RS 170 wireless was awesome and crisp but sound just isnt their for me.


I was looking at maybe getting SkullCandy Mix Master's or Ultrasone 900 Pro (But a little bit out of my price range) or Denon D-2000.....


I really could use some suggestions anything, 

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Audeze LCD-2

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D2000. Or the Ultrasone 900 Pro you mentioned. The D2000 (or any Dxxx) are known to be extremely comfortable. 

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Originally Posted by JohannLiebert View Post

Audeze LCD-2

Thats an $1000 headphone and he's in college. I guess he could be very rich. Budget?

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Man Thanks for the Quick response's from you guys! really appreciate it!

I'm out of college, freelance design.... That is really out of my range.


My ideal range is around 300-350 but i'll go high as 415 round that.

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Originally Posted by smile8i8 View Post

Ultrasone 900 Pro (But a little bit out of my price range)

Originally Posted by JohannLiebert View Post

Audeze LCD-2


Uh huh.


@ OP, from what I read it sounds like you'd prefer bass-heavy headphones. If the music you listen to doesn't have piercing highs, Ultrasone 900 is a fair choice. It sounds like you've done some research, because Denon 2ks have a nice bass quality to them as well.


It's not a question of someone having audio knowledge being able to help you. There might be standards when it comes to wanting a very neutral headphone, but in regards to colored headphones everyone has different tastes. People can spout reviews and recommendations, but it won't mean anything to you until you know what you're looking for in a headphone. You obviously feel comfortable returning headphones, so give whatever option you're leaning towards a shot.  

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You only heard low-fi headphones. Pretty much everything is a step-up for u.

In terms of deep-bass look at the



shure 750dj

akg 550

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I do prefer to have a more deeper bass, mid down low and treble in the middle. 

I honestly think it was never taking off those skullcrushers for over a year that makes a lot of headphones sound empty (without an equilizer)

Thanks for the list Johann


Any advice on what I should be looking for interms of speaker output, frequency range etc...??

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Looks like the V-MODA M-100 is calling your name. You might want to check those out. They will be coming out in th next month or so.
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Oh man just got power back, whole block lost power, now back to my headphone quest!!.

...... oh my, these do look promising. I was looking at a Pair of V-Moda's..... But I can't wait,

I'm getting the shakes and have no concentration trying to work LoL, I need to find a dope pair by tomorrow.


Roma101, have you ever had a pair of V-Moda's? or has anyone?

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I have the M-80s and have been waiting ever since last year for the M-100. The M-80 has amazing sound for such a small portable so I'd imagine a full size upgrade will sound even sweeter. Overall I expect them to be very musical, engaging, while also being very detailed. A couple of Headfiers have heard the most recent prototypes and had only good things to say. I, myself, can't wait.
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!!!!! oh man, do you know how much they will cost??

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If you can find a pair, the D2000s, the cable is long enough that you can get up without pulling them off your head.

The V-modas M-80s are pretty damn good as well and I'd be happy to own one, although I prefer my headphones to be more understated. A plus to the v-modas is that they are portable.

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1) M-Audio Q40s

2) Denon DN-HP700


These should provide enough bass and a pleasant sound signature.


3) Audio Technica Ath-Pro700Mk2


This one is supposed to have A TON of bass but mids and highs are probably not up to par to the previous 2...


4) Another "cheaper" alternative that a couple of head-fi'ers seem to like is: the Spider PowerForce





All of these should provide enough bass to your ears and on-budget.



Good luck.

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Originally Posted by smile8i8 View Post

!!!!! oh man, do you know how much they will cost??


You can pre-order for $310 on their page... (look for the V-MODA M100 thread here on head-fi... but like it says, it's a PRE-ORDER (meaning, it's not out yet... it could be out by the end of this month but seeing as how it has met a few hurdles with regards to release date, I would say Late October...)

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