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For Sale: HifiMAN HE-5LE Headphones

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For Sale:
HifiMAN HE-5LE Headphones

Will Ship To: ConUS

"High End" has never been this affordable!


HifiMAN HE-5LE in excellent condition, comes in the big, hard box with all accessories: two cables (single-ended and 4-pin XLR w/SE adapter), extra connectors and extra ear pad--singular.  I purchased these brand new, A-stock, from Headroom in February.  (Must have been the last pair they sold, because immediately afterward, the 5LE were no longer advertised by Headroom.)


These were the headphones that reignited--in a big, positive way!--my enjoyment of this hobby.  To my ears, they bettered the HE-500 in terms of balance, extension (particularly treble extension), coherency and overall neutrality.


My pure enjoyment of the HE-5LE led to my eventual purchase of the HE-6.  Although I think the 5LE have, in certain respects, a more "vibrant" and engaging signature than the 6, I have come to prefer, overall, the HE-6.  Therefore, the 5LE are now for sale. 


Asking $SOLD/shipped.  Buyer covers PayPal fees (add 3%). 


Will try to have pictures up on the weekend.

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