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I need help to pave my journey towards audiophiliation!

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To begin with let me say i am a new member of this awesome website and though ive been an audiophile for a long time, it has stayed dormant inside (e.g. ive always been unsatisfied with those cheap ibuds, always equalizing other people's phones/mp3 players its for their own good, criticizing people's choice of cheap headphones), so i need your help for my next buys!


I am planning to buy a new headphone and maybe an amp!
Budget: $150 (+/- $10)

1. Headphones

Right now i only own a sennheiser HD 429 i bought two months ago and i am moderately satisfied with it although the bass was a bit too much for rock genres. And i think i need more experience in the headphones department. I listen to a variety of music, i love rock, metal, hip-hop, dance and electro so i guess something versatile. I live in Indonesia so the headphone choices are limited to the links i am going to put here but my friend lives in Florida so if its not in the list he can buy it and give it to me (as shipping international is expensive!)

I was thinking towards the M50 or some AKG that i've heard the forums talk so much about.

http://www.headphoneku.com/kategori/Headphone&page=1 btw prices in indonesian Rp is divided by 9700 to get USD (yes 9700!)

*I prefer it to be from these sites as they have a 2 year warranty, but i dont really mind if the M50 is as worth it as they say.


2. Amp


I am a total beginner in this aspect as i have never really owned a portable amp, though i do own a guitar roland amp cube 15, i wonder if its a similar species? I was thinking to buy the fiio E6 to start my experiments off.

3. Source


As for source available i have an ipod nano 8gb 5th gen, a blackberry bold 9790, a samsung s2 galaxy tab 10.1 and a sony psp. If possible can you guys also recommend which of these i should use for my source and is buying the amp going to improve the sound from these sources?

Hope i wasnt too chatty in my post and hope the information is enough for you guys to help me! thanks a bunch beforehand!


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Ew... Even Ajax can't wash off this addiction.

Only Joking. Welcome Aboard.

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For starters, I suggest you don't really go for any portable amps. (as they can be bloody expensive at times) Plug-and-play is the way to go.


I suggest the Audio Technica M50, really sweet for its price. And it's really flat/neutral IMO


As for the source, I suggest you use your Galaxy Tab (as it is android [androidfanboy]) and play music on it with some app which allows you to meddle with the equalizer. I use Poweramp, there's a free trial for it. There was this one other app that was free and has similar features that I had forgotten, but I'll tell ya if I remember.

lol And I'm Indonesian too btw XD so feel free to ask me

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The M50 is a good choice, from my experience. Recommended if you prefer flat, no pre-EQ headphones (hence the 'studio monitor' name) and it's bass heavy too, with proper EQ (I still haven't tried it with an amp, since I have non).

As for the source, since you already have an Android powered device, I suggest you try the Rockbox for Android. This is my main music player application. If you know Rockbox, you know that it don't have a pretty UI, but very user-friendly.

As for the amp, I'm considering myself either the FiiO E02i, E6 and E11. But I think I'd go for the E11, as it would be useful for future headphones.
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