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Ultimate Ears 700 vs Shure SE-215

Poll Results: UE 700 vs Shure se-215

  • 18% (2)
    Shure SE215
  • 81% (9)
    Universal Ears 700
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Hi all, I'm a newcomer, and in a need of some quick advice. I'm buying a new set of earphones for myself and can't decide between UE 700 and Shure SE215.

What I like about UE over Shure  is the fact they drop down instead of go over the ear, then they seem more balanced, while Shure is bass-oriented, and they have clearer highs and warmer mids that produce better sound when listening to orchestra accompanied vocal (such as Loreena McKennit).

Other way around, Shure has a good and replacable cable, 2 year warranty, as it seems,  better general sound experience throughout the genres and UE supposedly needs amp for full experience.

I listen to rock, heavy metal, power metal , irish folk and some dub (lol). I enjoy occasional 2pac and serbian folk ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9yKOsPAJxQ ).




(all of the conclusions are not my expertise, but just something I picked up by reading all the reviews, pardon my noobness)

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You are comparing UE 700, which is dual driver and second to the top of the UE product line, to SE215, which is bottom of the Shure line... (UE 700 soon be to third to the top once UE 900 starts selling..)


SE215's vocal may be better for rock but they do not have the speed to play metal right. I enjoy Loreena Mckennit better with UE 700s. 

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the 215


they are both very differnt but between those 2 id take the shure, the ue700 are just meh in spades

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It's a very close call.  I have the 700's,  600's (vi), and shure 215's (in this $ range).  The 700's are very accurate and comfortable - but not available anymore and that's a shame in this price range (900's are in the high 3's).  The 215's are very good, maybe a bit more punch, but more like my 600's - of couse a subjective assessment... however, i find the 215's to be much less comfortable than either UE model.  If you can find the 700's get 'em before they're gone.

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Part of the Shure's allure is the incredible isolation and comfort; replaceable cables that are remarkable for a ~$100.00 IEM; cables can be swapped for iPhone / iPod controls; durability; decent bass, luscious mids and non-fatiguing highs; two-year warranty from a company that responds. When I use them in the city carrying a couple bags or luggage, they simply don't get cables bollixed up and yank on the ears, due to the manner in which you can wear them from the rear of the head.

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Having started this topic, and owned both sets, I think my contribution is due:


UE 700 boasts a brilliant sound, better than SE-215 by a class. All genres reproduce great, highs are very clear and precise, to the delight of all vocal lovers. Shure's set however, performes admirably when it comes to electronic sound, but as soon as highs and vocals kick in, sound becomes a bit muddy, as if the artists were singing in a metal can. Iron Maiden - Flash of the Blade maybe illustrates this the best.


However, UE 700's cable died out after 7 months of usage (I was using them only with my cell phone which lived in my right pocket). The part where the wires meet the jack got thorn, but on the bright side, Logitech sent UPS and offered to replace/refund my set without question. It seems it's a common damage. Also, the fit was not very good - UE 700 used to drop out of my ears very often when I was riding my bike.


And where UE700 fails, SE215 delivers. The notorious fit is actually the most amazing thing - once these guys are in your ears, they won't come out - you'll even have trouble pulling them out yourself. And you get used to the insertion procedure after a few wears. I would gladly sign that all earphones have a fit like this - it's brilliant. Also, build quality is great - you can feel the robustness of the cable, jack would survive a nuclear blast and it's quite clear why Shure offers 2 years warranty on these.


So, verdict - if you are a base lover who rarely dwells into vocals area, get Shure without question. If you, on the other hand, enjoy solos and mid tones, you might want to risk it with UE700, but I'd rather search for something else, although, thruth be told, at this price point, UE700 delivers amazing sound, so you might want to upgrade your budget to get similar experience.

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