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New Heaphones Needed - CAL Upgrade

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Hey guys, I've owned a pair of Creative Aurvana Live's for about 2 and a half years now, they were the first pair of decent cans I owned (bought on recommendation from this forum) and I have been incredibly happy with them. However this morning I tripped on them whilst they were plugged in to my PC and the jack snapped off. I considered seeing if I could repair the cable but I've decided it's probably time to upgrade.


I've been looking at both the ATH-M50 and the Ultrasone HFI-580 and I'm leaning more towards the 580s. I listen to mostly Hip-Hop and like quite a bit of bass. My question is which would you recommend and is it worth me upgrading to either of these cans considering here in the UK they're about twice as expensive as the CALs which I'm not against buying another pair of.


Any feedback would be appreciated :)

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If you liked the CAL, maybe get it again.


If you're just looking for something different, and possibly slightly better, then consider the HFI580 perhaps. Alternatively also look at the Ultrasone DJ1. Same headphone, but different build and style. Also the PRO version too. Also consider the Shure SRH750DJ and the M-Audio Q40.


Very best,

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Direct upgrade is Denon D2000, you won't regret it!

If you want to try open headphones, FA-011 from Fischer audio will fit the bill wink.gif

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Thanks for the replies guys. Unfortunately the d2000s are out of my price range which i forgot to mention. I've only got a budget of just over £100 which i'm willing to stretch a bit as I'd have to for either the m50s or 580s. I've been going through searches on here and i'm attracted to srh750djs because they seem to be put on a level playing field with the m50s and 580s and I can also get them about £40 cheaper, only thing that is putting me off is the complaints about them being uncomfortable, coming from the CALs which are very comfortable this is a bit offputting.
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Some folks had build quality issues with the 750Dj. Im not sure if they have fixed that on the newest productions. 


My vote goes for the ultrasone. 

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Yeah I think I've decided on the ultrasone's now, I'm in to my bass and I've spent all day looking at reviews and they look like the one's that'll do the trick, just trying to find the best deal I can in the UK, seems to be a bit pricier than U.S.

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Cheaper option in the Uk is B stock HFI-580 from thomann.de

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Originally Posted by thecourier View Post

Cheaper option in the Uk is B stock HFI-580 from thomann.de


Just taken a quick look at that site, prices look very good! Cheers man :)

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Originally Posted by D3AN View Post


Just taken a quick look at that site, prices look very good! Cheers man :)


Pretty popular site among europe head-fier's

Dont forget to give us a quick update if you buy something from them. smile.gif

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Ah I see. I think I'm gonna go with this website anyway as I'm going for a new pair instead of B stock.




Same price but delivery is £3 less, thanks for all your help though, I'll be ordering in the next hour unless I find something better but I think I'm pretty sold smily_headphones1.gif

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Might as well recable your CALs as well. A neutrik 3.5mm jack is only £1.50.

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recable and markl mod :-)
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Yeah I was thinking that as well, any chance one of you guys could point me in the right direction in terms of a guide or something?

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Some wires will only have 3 internal cables, in which case you will only have one shared ground wire to solder to the ground post. I'm assuming you can solder, if not, best google some tutorials and practice a bit first.


You'll want a pair of helping hands(see below), which cost about $5, a 30W to 45W pencil tip soldering iron and some resin cored solder.



After soldering the first channel and a ground, check that you've soldered it to the right post so that the left channel is soldered to the equivalent post on your new jack. This is easily done by plugging it into a audio device and checking the correct side of the headphones produces sound.

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