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Non protruding IEM's !

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I need some IEM's that are non protuding from the ear ! 

This may seem a weird feature,but I have to wear tightish headgear at work,which covers the ears,but all the models I have tried so far are either totally unwearable or get uncomfortable very quick.

I am not worried too much about SQ for these just comfort,but good SQ would be a bonus of course wink_face.gif

The best I have found so far are the MEElectronics M6,but these are only good for about 20-30mins.

The Phonak Audeo PFE 012 I thought were going to be ok,but the cable housing digs into my ear blink.gif

And finally my SE215's are just too big.

Others I have tried include CX 300 ii,Ultimate Ears 100,200.

I was thinking about either the JVC HA-FX67 or Soundmagic PL50 but would be interested in your superior opinions bigsmile_face.gif


Oh budget for these would be up to around £50 but cheaper the better,as they will probably get a bit abused at work.


Many Thanks

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Smallest I've found are the Apple In-Ears and the MEElectronics Ceramic versions with the micro-driver.

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Have a look at the Comply model NR-10.

Very comfy under headgear.

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Thanks,NR-10 looks like an option.

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VSonic GR06 will be great in ear and have adjustable nozzles. I use their big brother GR07 and sleep on my side with them in ear.
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GR06 look like a real possibility,if only I could find somewhere to buy them,2 on Ebay from far east.

Do you happen to know where I could get them other than ebay?

All usual suspects seem to be OOS or unavailable confused_face_2.gif

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Check for Lendmeurears and I think they are also available through Amazon.
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No luck with either unfortunately,looks like they may be no longer manufactured.

But I will continue searching !!

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Klipsch X10 or Vsonic GR01?

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I have the phillips she3590 which are just like the she3580 and there tiny even for iem and when placed in your ear canel extrude very little and sound pretty good especially considering the price I paid for them.

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Well I decided to get some she3590 since they were only £7,should get them tomorrow.


But any other recommendations are still more than welcome.


Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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Looking forward to your impressions bigsmile_face.gif

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Well I got the SHE3590 yesterday,they are the best so far for the job I need them to do (non-protrude).

Only used a few hours so far,so this is a very short summary of first impressions.

For £7 from Amazon I was not expecting much as regards SQ,but they are actually pretty decent,with good detail at high end,a little bit bass heavy for me,but not enough to worry me.

Overall I would say they have a distinct V shaped freq resp and are actually quite a "fun" sounding IEM.

Build quality is ok,the cables are very thin and I am not sure how they will last with everyday use,but for the price you can't really complain.

I would say these are nothing special,certainly not "giant killers",but if you need discreet earbuds or want some to use while in bed,then these are a good option.

I have ordered a 2nd pair to keep in my bag as a spare etysmile.gif


Thanks to DJHeadshot for the recommendation and all the other replies too.


I will post an update after a few weeks of use.

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