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Machine washed adapter

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Earlier today I accidentally  washed my 1/4 to 1/8 adapter (just some random best buy adapter) that I use to connect my LCD 2s to an O2 amp. I'm wondering if it went through the dryer too and is dried out, would I be able to use it without worrying about damaging my headphones or should I wait and replace it?


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It ought to be OK once it's dry. Maybe give it another day, bury it in a small bowl of uncooked rice?


On the other hand, we are talking about risking ~$1,100 worth of equipment to save, what, $2 to buy a new adapter?

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I buried it in a bowl of rice, and yah I am going to get a new adapter but I just wanted to know if I could listen to it tonight, but i'll just wait for a new adapter. 

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