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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

I sold my E11 recently and temptation is getting the better of me here. I'm thinking of trying the C3. devil_face.gif
So Stozzer you say they work a charm with Yamaha EPH-100?
Edit: Too late. I bought one. biggrin.gif
We'll see how it pairs up with Sony MDR EX600 while I still have them here.

Congratulations! Lately I've been busy, so I don't have the time for a full review but the c3 pairs pretty good with every iem I tried. You'll also be pleasantly surprised how the gr07 sounds with it. Anyway, sq-wise there's just no way not to be impressed with what this small player can do, especially for its price.

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Agree with Kova,  and yes they do work very well with the eph and im assuming they will be very nice with the ex600's so much so that I almost went to buy your a few days ago lol.  However everything I got has got to go to make way for the LCD-2'S and PFE232 I i have immanently inbound,



Things I am keeping though.


Player          - Either C3 or Studio 3rd (shootout to come when the thing gets here), 

Amp             - Headstage arrow or , c&c BH  (Maybe my ZO for the cars)

Closed back - Superlux HD660

Gym            - Clip Zip, fx101/fx1x1  and waterproof china jobby player



Testement to the C3 that I went crazy this year and bought/auditioned almost every dap available and the c3 sits ahead of the pack, the only reason im even giving the studio a look now is the battery life will be very useful when im in the himalaya's on my bike, i can be camping for up to 2 weeks at a time so not having to charge even one extra gadget can be a big deal. 


Anyway glad you finally bit the bullet mate I love this player!



Heres todays picture taken from the balcony of my house overlooking the 18th at carnoustie!  Dunhill championship this week so look out on the tv for stozzer sitting out there with his rigs not paying attention to the golf lol



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Indeed it will be interesting guy's.

I have a feeling C3 will be good for easy listening and relaxing. Although I'm coming from players with EQ enhancements my preferred signature has changed a lot since I started out in this hobby. I used extreme V shapes at first, now I run almost flat with a tiny amount of treble boost as I feel it brings out clarity in upper mids. I'm quite welcoming for a flat signature, and battery time doesn't bother me as a power point is always near. What usually comes with Chinese audio products is good bang for your money so that's what I'm interested in.

I have the money here for a Studio V which I wanted to be my original purchase but I could not live with that hiss that's constantly mentioned. It's just to much money to hand over for something that comes across incomplete, so I picked up the C3 for $105 shipped. I can give some impressions to Cowons C2, S9, and anything source in my profile really.

The EX600 are strange little creatures. While they sound 'ok' on my C2 they really prefer the S9 for some reason. The stage is WIDE, really wide and separation improves on the later, they're very close in tonal balance to GR07. However, if a tracks recorded badly or low bit rate they don't mind showing it in bucket loads. I've honestly put them on and off ebay about fives times the past few weeks. One album sounds great and another shocking.

Let's see if they agree with C3.
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Agreed on the ex600's that and fit issues was one reason i chucked them a while back.  What you are expecting should be exactly right it is very relaxing and just so right, it has a finesse in comparison to what I heard on the Studio which was very energetic maybe to much so.   lol i was thinking i would describe the c3 as drinking a esspresso while smoking a nice creamy cohiba at a river cafe in prague to the studio's blasting a classic mustang on a highway with a NUB cigar hanging out the mouth doing 150mph (with a tv playing static in the back seat lol)  both enjoyable but very different.


Today I was messing about with my pfe 112 that I was putting up for sale, i got the Zo back today from digizoid getting a new battery, I had never bothered to use the grey filters before.  


HOLY **** c3+Zo+112+grey filters+palics interconect .......... I am 100% not kidding when i say this is the best I have ever heard on a portable iem rig.  This is simply unbelievable.


Hooking up the c&c bh to the fostex tr50p was obviously excellent but for an iem rig the above is the current king for me and Im questioning cancelling the 232's.

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Yeah, the c3 is pretty smooth and effortless. It's very slightly mid-centric and bright not super flat but it's just airy and revealing without being harsh, so can be relaxing when the music requires it. I have to say that I really like the way it makes the drums sound with my gr07 because really fast and heavy drums usually give me the most listening fatigue but no issues with the c3.

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How is the sound quality comparison between C3 and ipod video (5th gen. with Wolfson DAC)?
I mean separation, sound stage, and detail.
Does C3 support 64G microSD?
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Originally Posted by cyberalpha11 View Post

Does C3 support 64G microSD?


I've found that my 64G microSD formated to FAT32 works on my C3.

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My C3 just shipped. etysmile.gif

I am curious about the soundstage width, can anyone give me some insight please? Wider than the Clip+?
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how about some comparisons with the j3?
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

My C3 just shipped. etysmile.gif
I am curious about the soundstage width, can anyone give me some insight please? Wider than the Clip+?
Yeah, it's wider than the clip+, but not by much.
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Originally Posted by EveTan View Post


I've found that my 64G microSD formated to FAT32 works on my C3.

How did you do it?? I've tried everything and in my comp it says 32gb.....I'm going crazy!!!

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Originally Posted by kova4a View Post

Yeah, it's wider than the clip+, but not by much.

Thanks Kova, anything narrower than Clip+ I would be a little concerned as I find it congested or cluttered. S9's stage is fairly wide, somewhere in between would be nice.
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I (finally) recieved my c3 4gb yesterday together with the digizoid zo2! In contrast to all of you I bought my c3 from Merock2010 as paypal would not pay bigbargainonline directly from my bank but only with a creditcard, for some peculiar reason nobody knows. It came in the standard box with a chinese manual and a cleaning cloth, nothing else. On ebay the c3 from Merock2010 shows a different, in my opinion better looking, backplate, I in fact recieved it with the usual backplate, sadly. Though I couldn't mourn too long about it as it is only a cosmetic aspect which cannot be seen when I attach the digizoid to the back. In the little time I had I still managed to put some music on it, as it didn't come with the usual standard music files.


I gave my new device a good listen at work yesterdag and in the train and bus to and from school today. I noticed an immediate improvement in terms of music quality, but that was of course expected considering I had been using my HTC wildfire s smartphone before.. After a while I was completely stunned with the brilliancy of the music, this is by far the best sounding device I have ever heard, especially when playing flac. It is even better than my asus laptop (though I have not yet tested my laptop with the digizoid, that will probably make a difference too).


Unfortunately there are a few things I miss. For the c3, like many others said, I would have liked hard volume buttons and perhaps a hard lock button (instead of the slide movement over the touchscreen, which doesn't always work flawless for me). Also you can't search for songs! You have to scroll to all the music to find a song. Of course I knew this all before I bought it so I shouldn't complain about it. For the ZO2 the only thing little con is that it feels fragile, I don't know if this is the case though, because it still works after a day! Also i will probably break the interconnect within a week or so, because it is a thin cable and I seem to be doomed to break thin cables. 


I am not at all an expert in terms of hi-fi music, I can barely be called a novice, but I can say for everyone who is doubting to get one, that I am completely blown away by the performance of this combo and I don't regret a single penny spend on it. At this very moment I am filling the 32gb card that came in just a bit ago with more music! :D


Setup I used: Colorfly c3; digizoid ZO2; V-moda V80.

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Congratulations and welcome to the club atsmile.gif


A couple of things wrap your zo in carbon fibre 3M (must be 3M which is studier) This will take away any worry you have about it being fragile.  Iv had my zo1 for almost 2 years now, I have the 2 as well in the car.  I sent my zo1 back a while back and got them to change the battery they are incredibly helpful, replacement battery an shipping to uk?  $8 basshead.gif


As for the interconnect change it to this, great value.




Although I dont know why you had a problem with big bargains online (why not use paypal?)



All in you are using almost the exact same rig as me right now (c3, zo2 and modded t50rp)  I reckon you are going to get a lot of enjoyment from this.  My zo hasnt been disconected in a week lol.

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Well....I finally was able to play with my new C3.....the sound is great!!!!...I wish only that it can play gapless....maybe in another firmware??

and yes....cruising through all the folders is a pita.....is there a way to do shuffle all songs like in an ipod??

and I keep fighting with my 64gb micro sd....it won't show the full capacity...I've tried everything in my mac and my friends PC but to no avail......Is there a way to fix this??


Anyway...Great litthe device....bigbargainsonline was really cool, they shipped it in a very sturdy box all well padded....Great Sellers!!!

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