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Converting FLAC to WMA Lossless

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I am doing this for my Windows Phone and Zune. I used to rip CDs to FLAC using dbPowerAmp and then use db to convert FLAC to WMAL to have both, but I recently switched to EAC for ripping since it's so much easier to add tags to the CDs (I can add song titles etc. before ripping instead of doing it one by one afterwards, so much better!).


Anyway, when I use db's batch converter, it works alright but sometimes it will miss a few tags, like I'll convert an album and it shows up in Zune and then 2 songs show up with unknown artist and album tags and the "01 Song Title" song titles, meaning it forgot the tags for that song pretty much, but it only forgets a few per album, and only some of the time. This is quite annoying to have to go back and fix, plus it makes me worry that the conversions aren't truly lossless, and that my rips might not even be truly lossless (since the'yre essentially the same program). Should I be worried?


My main issue is finding a replacement though. I could use foobar2000 but I don't have the WMA codec to feed it, does anyone know where to get it? I've seen some very old threads on HydrogenAudio from around 2006 but the links are wrong and they are talking about an older version of the codec (Version 9) with Windows XP, and it was debated later in the thread (from 2011) whether or not that codec still works in Windows 7 but I can't even figure out where to download it anyway.


Help? Thanks guys for any time you give to this, you rock! biggrin.gif -jtaylor991

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I find an article on how to convert FLAC to WMA lossless even you do not have wma lossless codec here:


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You can edit tags before you rip the cd? Do you not know how to do it? Press alt+m to review the different meta data providers and you can choose one of those or manually change it. You can also double click the name of the song and it'll let you change it.

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