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Originally Posted by sicko View Post

And uninstall the the useless ones (like the user manual).

Also, edit the sound drivers and maybe install some other mods.
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Yeah, I really liked being able to tweak the internal audio settings on the X1060. That would be awesome to be able to do on the F.

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I never rooted any of my devices so I'm not sure on how it's done


do you need CFW in the rooting process? Because if not, go ahead then, root your F

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As I know you can't root the F at the moment, here the most recent thread on XDA : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1981328&page=4

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Originally Posted by cn11 View Post

I've had the F806 for several days now and thought I'd make a few observations
Packaging is quite simple, nothing fancy, so I won't really go into any unboxing photos (never much cared about huge photo-documentations for just removing an item from its packaging anyway). Like the X1060 (which I'll be drawing many comparisons with), the F806 is very well built. It's not as quite as heavy as the X, but still feels very solid. There's no hint of squeaky chintzy plastic here. The finish may be a metallic finish plastic, but it's very solid, with good heft for the size. It compares very close to an iPhone 4 in length and width (narrower by a couple mm), and is thinner. The edges are beveled inward toward the back of the player which will help prevent the volume rocker and lock button from accidentally getting bumped. I transferred my entire music collection in about 25 minutes-- fairly quick, but I don't have the largest collection at something like 17gb, in mosly 320kb files. So I was up and running in short order. The player functions as drag/drop, so couldn't be any easier to get music put on.  
Wifi works great my home, with browsing easy and quick (depending on connection of course). The keypad is intuitive and easy to use. It flips horizontal quickly just like my iPhone. Battery initially drained ridiculously fast, but I realized that wifi needed to be switched off to have any semblance of the Sony quoted duration. With that off, and the player on airplane mode, it lasts reasonably well. Keeping the screen brightness down helps too. This being my first Android device is proving to be quite a change from Sony's normal menus, and it's a learning curve compared to the simplicity of the X's layout. I find it takes a couple more steps to get back to your music playing than the X did. Especially if you run a third-party app like Poweramp. I like using that over the Sony player, for the level of controls and tweaks you can do. Also, it allows the F806 to do gapless which is a real treat after being conditioned by the momentary breaks in continuous tracks that previous Sonys make you endure. 
So how about sound? I've spent multiple sessions listening with both DAP's, to get familiar with their sonic differences. The new Sony most definitely eclipses the X in sound quality, which makes the purchase worth it alone in my opinion, since the X was already an awesome sounding player. The F is more open and spacious, with a bit more detail to the highs. These aspects combine to allow hearing deeper into the music, with a touch more distinctness to instruments. All of Sony's expected clarity and dynamics are there and more so than with the X. By contrast, the older DAP sounds more confined to a smaller space, and a tad more congested... not as sparkly. I wish I had access to the Z1060 and A865 so I could see which player this new F sounds more like, since both of those share the S-master MX internal amp. I have a feeling it may perhaps be the Z from impressions I've read of both players by members whose opinions I highly trust. The headphone out seems more than adequate to power lots of demanding earphones, and some mildly so headphones even. But it feels about on par with the X. At some point I'll get around to trying out my modded Fostex T50RP's with it to see how it drives those, since they're pretty power hungry! The line out is a little bit quieter than the X's, and when using an amp I find I need to up the volume slightly to compensate for that. But the sound quality improvements over the X still show through the line out.
- No 64gb option, or card expansion (of course, what else is to be expected of Sony?)
- number of steps to get back to your music from other screens
- Android not as intuitive as Sony's menus
- Power/lock button on upper edge is hard to reach sometimes when needing quick access to player, such as pausing music, due to beveled edge
- Lack of external buttons besides the volume rocker, home button on side, and lock button
That's about all I have for now. More thoughts and observations coming as I keep using it. 



General info, online reviews, impressions, etc:


>>Member reviews<<








turokrocks F and Z series impressions:



honeyboy's comparison of F and Z series:



h1a8 impressions and measurements:




>>Online reviews<<





>>Helpful information<<

Firmware Update / version 1.10:
A few images:














Where did you the LOD cable from? Looks really nice.






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Now using NWZ-F806 with Sennheiser Momentum. Really great sound. I was surprised with the power of the walkman despite it's EU. It drives these headphones very well without any amps. Advise you to try

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Guys say, "F" louder than the Japanese version of "Z"?
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So with the line out cable taking up the USB port, does that mean that it's not possible to charge the unit while using the line output? Or is it just a case of the appropriate cable isn't out on the market?

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Originally Posted by Kvud View Post

Guys say, "F" louder than the Japanese version of "Z"?


No, they are identical.  I have both.

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Originally Posted by purk View Post

No, they are identical.  I have both.
you compared the Japanese GB version or common European? if they are the same then it is very bad.
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Originally Posted by Kvud View Post

you compared the Japanese GB version or common European? if they are the same then it is very bad.

I have Japanese Z & F.  The volume levels between the two players are identical.

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Originally Posted by purk View Post

I have Japanese Z & F.  The volume levels between the two players are identical.
He just wont admit that.
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guys, i got two questions :

- what is the dac in f series?

- has anyone compared fiio x3 with f?


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Thanks for the link. I ended up getting one after asking the guy if it was easy to pull apart for modification (since he does claim they're handmade). It wasn't all that easy and that's a good thing. It's a testament to them being solidly built. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a few more pins necessary for my intended modification, which was to have audio output as well as charging the unit in the car.


Instead, I have two options, one which may not be feasible as it's a discontinued item, I believe:

  1. WMC-NWV10 AV lead. This is discontinued though I'm not sure if it's discontinued in Japan as several shops in Amazon list them as still having stock. Hopefully it is just whatever remaining stock there is as I've ordered two of them given their scarcity. Bloody expensive but not much of a choice here given everything else I found on eBay was an either-or situation.
  2. In the event #1 isn't an option, I'm thinking of biting the bullet and ordering the BCR-NWU7. After which, I'll then need to cut the stand down to a size that will actually fit the compartment of my car's console.


All this because Sony couldn't be bothered to combine the headphone out and line out in the one 3.5mm socket like my old NW-A3000!

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