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Whiplash - have they gone missing? - Page 7

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Originally Posted by SACD-Man View Post



You are all set!! Check your PM....





please check pm again,thanks.

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Hi Craig! Sent you PM day ago, hope to receive your answer...

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Gone radio silent again. Not responding to PMs. Getting ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by SACD-Man View Post

Yes we are fully on repairs the end of today and tomorrow!!



hi craig u told mi u send the repair cable almost 3 weeks ago . i have not receive any tracking no. or the cable yet . 

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i also have received no news from him

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All I've been asking for is a status update. I don't think that's unreasonable after more than 4 months.

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Hi Craig
I have been waiting for your contact for long time.I understand that you might be busy with your company.I look forward to your reply.
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Check your PM!!



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No pm received...
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Hi Craig! I'm waiting for pm too
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i have sent a pm as well craig.. =(

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Me too Craig. Sent you a PM and email...

Please respond when you have time.



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Working on PMs in a few hours !!

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