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Please check your email box, my mail address is


I waiting your reply, thanks.


Tang Chun Kui

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Originally Posted by SACD-Man View Post

Yes. That's correct. I don't see any outstanding emails that I need to respond to.



Hi Craig!

I'm writing you since August. Wrote you last week and yesterday. Please reply me, I'd like to close the deal with my iPod that was sent to you from Russia in 2011 (I need payment details)


Thank you!

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I sent you an e-mail to (from on Jan 11th asking for any updates on a adapter cable i sent payment for on Dec 21st. Just wondering if anything is happening.

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Please check your email box, my mail address is


I waiting your reply, thanks.


Tang Chun Kui

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im getting no reply too craig... =( even through PM here =(

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EDIT: We have contact. S'all good :)

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Sent a couple of emails as well but haven't heard any replies. Hope to hear from you when you get better. No real rush. Thanks. 



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may u recover well craig! =)

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I would also like an update to my order No: 1200001355 please. Its been a while now and I would rather cancel if you cannot supply as I need this cable. I have emailed you, please PM me or reply here I guess... Bummer to be ill and I sympathise, but you need to inform your customers of delays regardless.






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I am back and I'm trying to get catch up which we quickly are!!!!

Let me PM you in a few.....

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PM'ing now...

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Craig can you reply to me too, re: the TWAGv2 which I sent in for repair in November ?  I have not gotten any replies to a few emails and a voice mail I left recently.  Thanks.



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Would just wish there would be a reply to my e-mail as well because I needed a square mini-4 pin balanced w/ an adapter to a 1/8". The last message I got from you was the time I paid you, so please update me on the order. I know it hasn't been long as previous people but you did promise a "10 day build". Also, just know that my level of patience is a little less lenient than these people probably.



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im also awaiting a reply about my 2 hybrid cables and a rma hybrid cable as well. please please at least giveme a status update





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been 2mths plus even since i send my twag v2 for repair. can u please check ur mail ?

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