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Whiplash - have they gone missing? - Page 8

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So did anyone get a response?

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No for mi.
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hi im the guy whos waiting on twcu for er4 iem please keep me updated of the process thanks

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Hi Craig
My order is 1200001459
i really dont expect the LOD cost me so much time to receive it
i hope you can send me as soon as possible


Has sent you PM, please check



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I just replied to your PM!



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Hi Craig

please check PM

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Hi Craig


My order is 1200001459

Please check PM

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Hi Craig,


My order is 



Please reply to my PM.  


email is


I have sent several emails and left numerous voicemails for you.  please respond.


thank you

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I know that was next. Let me check with my staff. I'm not currently in the office.

I will get back to you...
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Hi Craig,


I'm still waiting for a response from you. I have emailed and pm you.



I sent you a payment directly on paypal so I don't have an order number.

Not rushing or anything but do want to make sure if the order hasn't been forgotten please.



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Was that comment directed to me??


I still have heard nothing from you despite phone calls, emails, private messages and these posts.


Please respond.



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Please respond.  I have still heard nothing from you since I placed my order on April 7th.  This is completely unacceptable service by anyones measure.  I have tried being polite.  I have tried calling, emailing, PM and posts on this forum and you have not replied to me once.  


Please respond!



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Pm sent..
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Thank you
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Sorry for's my fault for the response. Check your pm for the resolution!

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