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DT880 headband replacement, help !

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I have a pair of 3-4 year old DT880, that look like this:



The headband rubber has started rubbing off, leaving black marks when I wipe it with some wetcloth. So I bought a headband replacement:



However it does not seem to fit. Is there some screw-up regarding the DT880 versions that I didn't consider? To be fair the ebay auction doesn't mention anything about this.

I am wondering if I can peel of the existing headband and then it will fit.. but won't do that unless I know for sure. Please advise...

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Your last paragraph implies that you tried to put the new headband over the old headband. If so, then of course it would not fit. Moon-audio sells the button and buttonless version. http://www.moon-audio.com/headphones/beyerdynamic-headphones/beyerdynamic-leatherette-headband-pad.html

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The replacement headband you bought is like the ones found on the DT880 pro version, with button clasps. The DT880 premium which is probably what you have doesn't have buttons on the headband, but you can still "replace" it. On some old thread somebody said they just cut off the old headband and managed to put the replacement on. The replacement is slightly bigger or something but apparently you can still get it to fit. 

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To follow up, ipan was right. You peel off the old headband, and after some wriggling it is possible to fit the new headband. It doesn't look perfect but it works.

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