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Why a Sony V6 and a Sony 7506?

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Does not seem to make sense, especially for Sony, to sell two headphones that are the same, but at different prices.
The $55 V6 and the $99 7506?

Has anyone actually had BOTH at the same time and compared the two?????

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sony has a consumer and a pro line. the v6 is the consumer model and the 7506 is the pro model. the 7506 has a nickel plated phone jack and stickers that read "professional". other than that they are the same. it's the only instance i can think of where sony has done this.

there is someone on these boards who has a hybrid v6/7506. one earcup is from the v6 and the other from a 7506. someone at the sony factory had too much saki at lunch that day, i guess.
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This info is hearsay but the only thing that is different between the 7506 and v6 is the pretty little gold plug on the 7506. From what I read they are the same and actually somebody here has a hybrid that has a 7506 cup on one side and a v6 on the other.
Hope this info helps.

oops redshifter beat me to it.
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I have the hybrid (Flumpus was the original owner). You can see pictures in this thread:


I've also researched the V6 and 7506 and they are identical except for the color of the plug metal and the sticker on the side.
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I have an older model of 7506 than the ones posted, I guess. Mine has a blue stripe across each ear muff that says "Sony Pro Audio" I believe (they're on loan now or I'd check to be sure). I thought one of the differences was that the V6 was made all black to be more consumer friendly, but I guess not judging by the pics posted here.

The reason for the price difference is simple. The pro audio market is different from the consumer market. I would bet even the actual store cost of the two headphones is different, but I'm sure they also have different margins.

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They are the same except for the plug and sticker as redshifter and MacDEF said. The blue stripe Kelly is referring to is the sticker. I have both and if anyone can hear a difference between them greater than manufacturing differences among units then you have better ears than me.

[Edited to add redshifter, since he actually said it first]
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They are the same except for the plug and stcker as MacDEF said

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