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Yes Al, I mean the SPDIF Input3. I can play anything via AES with very good performance but I am unable to play 24/192 in input 3 via spdif cable (vovox....). It is not a big problem but I would like to know wether it is my case alone. Actually I have been told about similar issues using input3. Kingwa says that if signal is above 0.5Vpp it should work.....

Please, whenever you have the time I would really appreciate to know your results.


Thank you AL!!!!


Have fun!


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The spidif is only 24/96. That is what I thought
I can try it later today
Does it work if you down sample to 24/96
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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

Sorry for posting it twice.
I own the AP1/PP.
AND the offramp all
Options and the new psu. As the offramp has two forms
Of i2s I prefer it. But the review does give the nod to
AP1/PP. so in the end it is opinion.
The last one Berkeley or the m2tech I never heard
But info trust the reviewer. The only way
To get the most out of the m7 or most other dacs
It is good to own one.
I had a gent use it on his lampi and he felt it improved that too



Hi Al,


I own the Berkeley USB convertor.  I live in Maine but get to NYC periodically.  Next time I go I can bring it along if you want to have a listen.


Hi Al,



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That would very kind of you. The one you have is top dog

I have a few dacs to use pm me

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Hi Al!. Input1 (spdif) is limited to 24/96 but Input3 (spdif as well) is 24/192. First one use DIR9001 as AR whereas input3 uses wolfson....I have never tested Input1. What I was asking you to test is Input3. Thank you very much Al!


Hi Aljordan! If you ever come to Barcelona....jajajaja.....;).....


take care...


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Originally Posted by seaice View Post


Too busy now, work deadlines are hurting me and I am hunting them... I plan to test these devices individually but can't promise this any time soon. I have very strict procedure for assessing sound differences and need more time for my evaluations. I do not like to write any nonsense or inaccurate first impressions... Give me weeks at least but do no expect my answer soon.


And by the way, just to avoid any confusions, iFi has two USB devices of this kind: 

iFi iUSB - http://www.ifi-audio.com/en/iUSB.html

iFi USB iPurifier: http://www.ifi-audio.com/en/iPurifier.html


I have the iPurifier + Empirical Audio Short block.


And there is one substantial difference between the iPurifer and Short Block: The Short Block disconnects the USB 5V power, the iPurifier does not.


Well, even if it takes some time, I'll still happily wait your review/thoughts on them in several weeks time. And the fact that you said you really take your time on this stuff sounds great :-D

The thing is I can't personally see getting both of them, at $400 I'd probably try and snag another pair of headphones or something. So I'd just like to hear if one of them edges out the other one or something like that. Or if one of them is the culprit in trimming the bass. I'm so terrified of trimming my bass in any way that I avoid anything that does at all costs. Just me, though.
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Ok cool. I knew one if them was 24/96.

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Hi Al! I have the same Diamond psu for pc transports!!! What a coincidence! But I bought two in Germany because I use two pcs as transport!! I thought that nobody used it....:wink: 

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?? I am confused help me understand
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Sorry for my english...:eek: I readed that you use a Diamond PSU and I was surprised for the coincidence as it is not very common and I have two....forget about it...;)

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No it's fine then I did understand you correctly. Do you have a MSB DAC or transport. .?

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Sorry Al, I was completely wrong....I didn't know that MSB Dac was called Diamond. Now I understand the confusion...No, I just own the M7. I bought two linear psus of a Japanesse brand called Diamond to feed two pcs that I use as transport.
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They're shipping my Master-7 today :D

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Is it shipped with USB 2014 firmware ?
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Yes the 2014 v2 firmware.  Products shipping after  febraury 7th apply to this i think

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