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Hi DACLadder! Is it the same that can be downloaded from the web???

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 Hi DACLadder! Is it the same that can be downloaded from the web???

Looking at the Audio GD site - main page - it looks like nothing yet has changed.  I still see the same verbage about 2014 firmware as was there last week.  I would think Kingwa would include an explanation of what changes, etc. 


Kingwa is probably testing very carefully before releasing.  It is a major headache to recall something broken.   Besides the Master 7 he needs to check the firmware in all USB32 supported products and go through all the SW/ firmware features whether we use them or not.  Takes time but is probably highest priority as his Email inbox is mostly likely full with complaints.   

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Bah 24/96 is good enough anyways. I like how the M7 sounds without any software upsampling, and the best hires I've got is 24/92.


But anyways. This is interesting. I would like to check this firmware upgrade out soon.

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I have a pretty good system. And I cannot hear the change of the same file from 24/96. To 24//192. Either. Enjoy

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Kingwa notified me that V2 of the firmware upgrade is available soon.  Check the Audio GD web site.


And speaking of 192kHz I think V2 may sound different than V1 in the M7.  Tonight I'm not getting the same vibe with 96k and below sampling rates.  So I will have to listen more to V2 and at some point switch back to V1 to compare.  Very well could be something else like myself.  Be interesting what others M7 owners have to think after some listening.  

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Thank you guys for your comments. Actually I think also that way, I DO can live without 24/192 but it should be a decision of mine!:normal_smile :...not because of some "problem" (whatever the f*** it is!!!!). I am waiting for a vovox aes/ebu to make a last test before last decision....

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It is clearly stated that the new driver and firmware are for testing. So what’s the problem? If the new version is not to your liking you can always go back to the older version, it’s up to you.

The V2 of 2014 is btw now on the AGD web cite.


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I don't notice any difference SQ-wise between the newest 2014 firmware and the first 2014 firmware.  Other than that I can now play 192khz.  :biggrin:   Nice work Kingwa.  I was afraid that some of the sound quality gains on the first 2014 firmware would be lost when it was reconfigured to play 192khz files but everything still sounds great and miles better than the last firmware.

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Well ok now I will update mine
Thanks for posting
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What was the procedure ?
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Yoiu have 3 doc(s) in the rar archive. You should read them in the specified order ( they are named 1_Read me at first.doc, 2_Firmware update  guide.doc. 3_Driver2014 install guide.doc ). If you want to update the FW, 2_Firmware update  guide.doc explains how to do it.

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I did pence with a my Dev - 3. From him. I cooked the chip on the USB board when I was flashing it. I ordered a few and have them. The program locked up during the firmware write. But I did do correct after.

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Don't know if you've noticed but the Master 7 is on pre-order now :confused:


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I seen that too. I know a few weeks back kingwa stated under 100 pcs in stock.
So maybe he is testing the waters to see how many people still want it
The pcm1704 is made by texts insrtumints
And they still make them. I do not know what the cost is.
There are other dacs that still use that chip.
And one of them is 60k.
The trinity DAC.
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They have a couple of units on burn in. The Chinese New Year will be next week which is a national holiday period, so they won't get anything out of the door until after then.

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