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I haven´t tested the other inputs. I should have an AES/EBU to test the other spdif but I haven´t....Which software do you mean?

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The drivers in the CPU.
You need to test other inputs before going crazy
On just one input. USB is a good start
It could be something in the CPU stoping it.
Now if you have a CD player with a spidif output
Try using that. No CPU just direct. Let us know if it worlks
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Dac ladder what is your setup ? Headphones list please and if speakers too list please

My humble setup is speaker only.   See my profile below.  Of course, the Off Ramp is not in the path currently (USB32).

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Dear Al, I have tested with two different CPUs (W2K12 vs W7) with different drivers each, different transports and different cables. Same behaviour. SPDIF in my master7 works well with 16/44.1...24/96....the only problem is 24/192. I do have a cd with spdif but it will be 16/44.1 so it will work.

The only thing I haven´t tested is USB diect to Master7..... 

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Wait a min doesn't it only go to 24/96.

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The coax is up to 24/192. The BNC is only 96
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No no. It plays everything I have tested excepting 24/192... :frown:

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Well now email kingwa.
Now that is odd. For now though just down sample to 96
And at least it will work.
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I have mailed to kingwa an hour ago....waiting for response..... :(

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Take in consideration the time diference between your countries It's 02:19 AM in China now. Hopefully he'll answer before 1PM his time?

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I know. Kingwa support has always been very good. I hope he will offer a good solution....
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I used to get pops with the U3 which went away with a slightly better computer, but it looks like you've tried that route already.


My opinion of the U3 is not high; but am interested to know whether you prefer it to M7's onboard usb?

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It is very strange but I have been reported by other M7 owner that also with DDC stom package suffers these noises using spdif (I3-RCA). Have you guys had any similar experience??? Thank you everybody!

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sorry, always talking about 24/192 files.....

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Last night Kingwa sent me newer prototype USB firmware from VIA to fix the 192kHz playback in the Master 7.  It works OK in my Win 7 64 system and currently evaluating sound quality and operational performance.   I gave Kingwa a preliminary thumbs up.   So a new firmware load with the same Windows 2014 driver is more than likely the solution.  I'm sure Kingwa will release in a few days if all goes well with his tests.


But I was very impressed with the first 2014 firmware sound quality.  I hope it carries over to the new version and first hints seem to think it has.   

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