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Originally Posted by gevorg View Post

Or maybe another product redesign is coming for PCM1704UK units.

I very much doubt that, as Kingwa never anounces product upgrades (internal or external) but just does it...

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As to different chips , the 1704 does seem to just sound right . I read a review about some dac and reviewer commentd on the chip and how it always turned up it dacs he liked. I think it was not the uk version though. I have posted about different chips in dacs and there sounds in other forums . And the Answer is it's about the implinmintaion not the chip. As I do not design I do not know, but people here and in other forums who have other kingwa dacs kinda go with the sound being close to all his products. Like a house sound for kingwa . My first unit from him was the ref 10.32. Bag for the buck what a great unit, anyway the dac always sounded so good. When I bought the m7 m8 it got even better . Clemaster said his dacs are a few rows back . Now in sound stage maybe but it's not that simple, to me it's that his dacs are just smoother, less glare . But yet they reveil so much detail. It's hard to peg down. But I do agree they are great for the headfi er people better than most. I have a good rig at my office now I intend to bring that dac and do a A B to hear just it the change.
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I'm very interested in seeing if there will be other contenders as a Master DAC, in the near future.

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Implementation is key. At least that is what I`ve been reading all along when more knowledgeable people than me were talking about DACs or DAC chips.


Kingwa seemed to have been struggling with the SABRE chip in the past and only felt now able to do it right, i.e. implementation of this DAC chip.


As an owner of the NFB 10ES32 (Sabre) I have no complains about the DAC chip or the DAC for that matter whatsoever. But then again, I have not owned a lot of other DACs in the past.


But in about 6 weeks I will have the opportunity to compare my little pity NFB against the master-monster combination M1/M7 in my own listening environement. At least then I can tell, if an upgrade is worth the additional dough.

I might just ending up ordering the last 1704UK worldwide...:atsmile:



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Texas Instruments, maker of PCM1704UK, has the part listed as NRND (not recommended for new designs) and states they are only supporting existing accounts for part.  With laser trimming of DAC ladder resistors this part it is very difficult and time consuming to produce so increasingly expensive to make unless produced in big volume.   At some point TI will pull the plug if they haven't already.


While they last Mouser Electronics has 585 chips in stock at $65 ea./100 pieces.  Arrow Electronics has 77  chips.  Digikey has 1 chip!  I would bet that Kingwa is perhaps the largest buyer of the PCM1704UK so unless he orders them by the 1000's TI will stop support.  It just doesn't make economic sense for either party.      

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My goodness - double post... Ignore this one!      

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i have an asortment of dacs, and they do sound different , but the M7 is just a sweet dac and i do recomend it to anyone .

may i ask why not the M9 instead of the M1 ?
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Is this a question for me?

Well, the owner of the M1/M7 combo happens to own this very combo and not the M9.

Guess he is not into headphones really.
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yes it was fir you or the one who said it. i was wondering why someone would by the M1 and not the M9
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The M9 wasn't out yet when I bought the M1 otherwise I would have bought it.
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Nope, M8 wasn't either.
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The only thing I didn't love about the nfb7.32 was the pitch on female vocals just seemed a little off

I didn't notice any other problems though


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Wow , I wish I could say I wound notice such unrealistic portrayal of certain music. As I know certain aspects of reproduction and how it should sound I do not think I coulda picked that out.
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