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Was finally able to pick up the KRK KNS8400 yesterday...the bad news is they're probably the worst sounding headphones I currently own...good news is the other contestants are a PS500 and an LCD-2 (only 2 other headphones I own atm), so that's really rather an unfair comparison :-P


- compared to the other two the bass is quite muddy and does bleed quite a bit into the mids, and they also sound a bit veiled overall.

- still plenty of detail and a very good overall balance

- I wore them pretty much the entire day today in the office and they're damn comfortable, also very light on the pressure, grado's are even lighter on the pressure, but the KRK pads are a lot more comfortable (I used to own a pair of Sennheiser HD-25-1 II and couldn't stand them for more than 15min as they felt like I had my head in a vice)

- sound isolation is brilliant, even on low volume (3-4 bars (out of 16) on a macbook air) I didn't even notice someone talking right behind me

- sound signature is very non-fatigueing to me and found it fairly easy to adjust to - as they'll be what I'll be using during the day and only switch to the high-enders at home in the evening the slight veiledness and muddy bass quickly become much less noticable (after the first 15-20min of listening in the morning I hardly noticed either anymore once my mind had adjusted to it). They do become a bit more obvious at higher sound levels but I prefer quite low levels for long term listening (i.e. the 3-4 bars mentioned above) and considering that the headhpones I'm comparing them against cost 3-5 times as much they're really doing pretty damn good


I'm really happy with them - they do exactly what I bought them for (long term comfort & sound isolation) as well as provide very good sound quality (for their price) :-)

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The KRK KNS8400 seems to be very popular here. Right now they are on amazon for $120, any good amps I could use with them for around $30-50? Or is an amp unnecessary? Also would they sound any good coming out of a smartphone?

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They work fine unamped, but a lil more oomph is not bad. Try the Fiio E11. 

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The KNK KNS8400 seem like really good headphones to me. I have literally heard nothing but good things about them. I only have two questions before I make my purchase 1. Are they light on the head? 2. Because they have detachable cables does anyone know of a cable I could use that has a mic attached, I would like a mic with reasonably good quality just better than my comp speakers? Thanks to everyone who posted.

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I've had mine for a week now - most comfortable headphone I've ever owned and I'm damn picky about comfort (I hardly feel them on my head) - been wearing them all day most of the days at the office, sound insulation is excellent and allows for very low level listening throughout (sound insulation is achieved through the memory foam pads that give an excellent seal, not through excessive pressure on the ears like many other headphones) - which in turn makes them very easy and non-fatiguing on the ears.


Here's what KRK officially offers for the headhone in terms of cables:



I'd also be very interested if such a cable exists, i.e. shorter and with a mic - here's a photo of the connector, small one goes into the headphone,the bigger one is the standard 3.5mm one that goes into your gear, anybody know of an aftermarket cable that could be used as a replacement?


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There are plenty of cables out there you could use; the connection's pretty standard for full-sizers.

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