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For Sale:
Audio GD NFB-1 ES $680 shipped

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello all I am selling a recently acquired Audio GD NFB-1 dac.  This is the Sabre chip design.  I have owned alot of DACS like most people here.  This one is in the top two that I have personally heard (Reference 7).  It is superior to the Wyred Dac 2 that I owned for about a year.  It does everything the Wyred does without the slightly fatiguing highs.  This is a very very good digital front end.  The buyer will not be disappointed.


Kingwa's Sabre designs are hard to come by  and I do not want to part with it BUT I really want some new speakers and this DAC and my current speakers are the only audio things I have left to sell.  Its unclear whether Kingwa will make anymore Sabre DACS which is a real shame imo. 


Message me with any questions you may have.


$680 gets this shipped to your door.  Paypal.




Head Fi review thread.


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