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For Trade: Denon AH-D5000

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For Trade:
Denon AH-D5000

Will Ship To: CONUS




Looking to trade a used pair of D5ks. These come with the stock pads and the Beyer clear gels that sound fantastic on them (bass and mid bass increase, tame highs).


What I am looking for is a used pair of HD650s, mine recently broke ( my wife's new dog challenged my old 650s to a fight and won convincingly) and I miss them a bit. Any other trades would be taken into consideration as well so shoot me a PM.

Condition wise, there are a few small scratches on the metal part of the headband (lent to a friend, bad idea) but the cups are in good shape. They had the MarkL mods done, but I switched them back leaving a bit of Dynamat in the cups as for bass control.

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There were a couple of PMs about a set price on these, I would take 325 +shipping CON US only. They have a couple of nicks in the headband, but other then that they look good.




Thank you.

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