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I used Windows Media Player, Winamp, BS Player, Youtube and 2 different MP3-players.


Oh, forgot to add, most of my songs are in 320kbps, but I also tried some FLAC.

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Originally Posted by iNF3RN0 View Post

Hello everyone,

I am browsing head-fi.org since last few days continuously as I am looking for a new set of headphones, and the reason is: Sony MDR-V55, so after viewing this post, I couldn't stop myself from replying here. I bought these off from Amazon.co.uk for £55 (was on sale) and to be honest these cans are not even worth £30 <_<. I have this exact same model (red/black) and the only thing which I like about them is their good build quality. I am not an audiophile, but I love listening to Trance (specially vocal trance) and club/dance music. Let me tell you the flaws in simple terms :)


- They are certainly not bass heavy at all, in fact, if you increase the volume, they produce distortion like the cheap headphones.
- They leak to sound a lot
- Isolation is pretty bad
- Sound quality? Average (if you don't mind the distorted bass)

- Good build quality


@OP: my apology for all the negatives but this is how i feel about these headphones, heck my creative fatal1ty (lol) were better in sound :S These headphones should not worth more than US $50


No, these are not "bass heavy".  They are what I'd classify as relatively neutral sounding.


They leak a lot of sound because they are "open" headphones (rather than closed back).  This generally means that they will have a larger and more open/airy soundstage than closed headphones.


Likewise, isolation will suffer with open backed headphones (vs closed and noise cancellation types).  Isolation isn't really that bad imho, and to be honest, it's NOT a good idea to be walking around with no idea of sounds around you.  That's rather dangerous in a modern environment imho.  If you're using these in a quiet home environment, isolation is not an issue.


I don't listen super loud by any means, but these don't have distortion issues.  Sorry, I've had my pair for 18 months and listened to a LOT of hours with these, on multiple devices, and never experienced this.  


BTW, trance/dance is reknowned for poor recording quality and distortion.  Perhaps it is the the music genre that you listen to that is at issue?


Or, perhaps you are simply listening too far too loud (and unsafe) levels that are no doubt damaging your ears.  


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I felt this post needed addressing with a less biased and more accurate assessment of the product.  


I see no other headphone under AUD $200 that betters these and I did quite reasonable tests.


edit: I hear no sibilance in the treble.  The creaking disappears after a month or so of usage as the phones settle in.  And these are quite robust - I use these day in and day out on my daily commute, plus at home, and despite being in my travel bag, and myself not necessarily treating my bag too nice sometimes, the phones are perfectly fine and undamaged.  You'd have to go out of your way to break these imho.  


I own some very expensive headphones, and have a reasonably good listening ear.  


I'll answer the question on bass  too - they do have bass, but it is not predominant - these are relatively accurate and neutral.  If you're after fake bass a la Dr. Beats, then look elsewhere.  I suspect a few people here have very skewered listening habits and preferences and don't know what neutral and accurate mean.

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