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Have had the V55 for 3 months after my Pioneer HDJ 500s got stolen. The Pioneers didn't fold but were built a bit better and looked better I thought however the sound is similar from memory with good clarity. The Sony 'phones can creak a little when you're on the move, but you don't hear anything unless it's a quiet passage in the music. They do get a touch uncomfortable around the 60 minute mark for me. The sound was ok driven by my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, accurate but not quite loud enough.The bass was a bit muddy too and was missing weight and punch however this was always an issue with every set of cans or IEMs I've owned, with the exception of the Bassbuds I had for a while before inadvertently donating to a taxi driver late one night. As one reviewer said you can chew on the bass from the Bassbuds. The midrange and treble weren't too bad either imo. Overall better than the CX300 II I thought but I am a bit of a basshead. Anyway recently I added an FiiO E07K Andes amp which fits on my pocket nicely along with my phone and has transformed the sound thru the V55s. Have boosted the bass via the EQ two notches and it is slammin', bordering on thunderous with some tracks, yet pretty tight and well controlled. Mids and highs have improved a bit aswell. Not the last word for "air" around each instrument and can get a bit muddled with full on complex arrangements but I am a very happy camper. Walking the dog has never been so much fun. Still waiting for my Logitech UE 6000s to arrive from Amazon as they were going for a song (excuse the pun) and I couldn't resist. I used to rip tracks from CD to my phone at a very high bitrate but now I just use Spotify Premium at the highest sq setting. Tried Google Play and strangely found it a bit louder so I swapped until a billing snafoo sent me back to Spotify. With the amp I no longer have any issues getting enough volume to say the least.
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IMO the last thing the v55's needed was more bass. They had bloated bloomy bass. What rendered them horrible in the end was that nasal vocal sound. If you can pick them up for 15-25 bucks it's an okay deal.

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Depends on your source I suppose but I reckon the V55s aren't boomy or bloated at all. Maybe a slight emphasis but otherwise quite accurate. I listen to a wide variety of genres but favour classic rock, pop and hip hop.
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I forgot to mention I had a brief listen to the new V Moda XS when I picked up my FiiO E07k Andes headphone amp recently. Absolutely love the design of the XS, super comfy and the build quality is out of this world. However plugged straight into my Galaxy Note 2 I couldn't discern much difference from the Sony MDR V55. So much so that I had to check the whether the XS 'phones had been run in. They had.
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Guys, could please some of you mesure distance between fork tines?

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More like 157 mm
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Originally Posted by Vero Golf Champ View Post

More like 157 mm


That's over half a foot.  XD

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Lol, oops
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