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For Sale: [SOLD] TeddyPardo "TeddyUSB" USB PSU

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For Sale:
[SOLD] TeddyPardo "TeddyUSB" USB PSU

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, my old feedback thread is visible at


I'm selling this USB PSU from Teddy Pardo(he uploaded the wrong pic for the back of the unit):


It basically discards the noisy USB power and replaces it with its own very clean power source, it will work with anything as long as it's USB bus powered: transport, DAC, headamp, etc.


It's a few months old, comes with the original invoice and carries a 3 years warranty(


I'm selling it because I'm switching to a self-powered I²S transport, so I've got no use for this monster of a PSU anymore. SS clarity and deep bass thickness are truly astounding ph34r.gif


Pardo really only has one single 5V/3A PSU design and provides different DC power cables depending on their intended's the very same unit that he sells for the SqueezeBox for instance:


There's much explanation about what's in the box on his website, it's basically a noise-free PSU of the highest grade:

Ideally the power supply rail should contain only clean DC. In practice however, every power supply, including batteries adds noise to the audio stages. Any noise on the power rail translates into distortion, coloration, reduced sound stage, and a sound which is less natural.

Most regulated power supplies today are either Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), or Linear power supplies. Our power supplies are based on the SuperTeddyReg, a different technology which has proved to be far superior for audio designs.


You can read much about it on google:

I am very happy with the results. A lot more detail, better bass and a great soundstage - Beethoven's 9th never sounded better

Sonic improvements after the upgrade are apparent. The sound is now cleaner, more articulate and refined. [..] Squeezebox Touch with Teddy Pardo PSU is the absolute best sounding transport I have ever owned.

TTouch power supply was the best addition to this system in years... I wish Teddy Pardo's products had been around in years past.

I received the Teddy Pardo power supply for my squeezebox touch today. The sound has improved a lot: crystalline, deeper bass and a great sense of stereo.


..and it goes on and on, the better sounding your gear using the USB computer power, the bigger the improvement will be IME cool.gif


You can find those 2 pins connectors for $1 on ebay so as long as you need 5V, soldering new cables will be as easy as it gets(I might also be able to do it for you).


It comes as 220-240V, it might very well have a 110V switch on the inside but you may wanna double-check with the manufacturer as I don't plan on opening it. Worst case scenario, you could always use a converter from your local voltage.


It costs $399 shipped new, I'll let it go for $OLD shipped worldwide, and it will ship via fully insured express courier with an online trackable parcel number. I can ship the invoice separately and declare a very low value on the customs declaration, should you need to dodge import taxes wink_face.gif


Thank you for your interest and feel free to PM any question/trade offer,

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