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Headphone Stand Picture Thread

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excited about getting my DT 880s and wanted to start a thread for people to share how they display their headphones wether it's with a stand or whatever.  I'm really suprised most of the stuff, even on ebay, is $30+ for such a simple construction.  Post what you got and where you got it.

here's some decent looking things from ebay, but let's see what's really cool out there.



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I saw the second one on ebay but I'm afraid of it recessing the padding where it presses against.
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Yeah that was definately one of the cheapest ones at around $20. Anyone else gonna share?
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I got the SieveKing stand in Walnut to hold my glorious LCD-2.



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You'll enjoy the DIY headphone stand thread I think. 

I use a banana stand, with the hook stretched out a bit, this one actually.

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Kolbalt K-rail wall system Shoulder Hook. $10 at Lowe's.

It's on it's side. The metal bit holding the 'phones is supposed to attach to a rail on the wall. so you can hang stuff on the padded hook.


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ahhh yes finally some common sense prices.  Thank you.  just found this thread.


It's amazing how much they think they can gouge us hobbyists.  Suddenly some shaved and stained wood becomes worth $80 when I can buy an entire wood kitchen table for that price. 


Seeing this one actually made me angry. 
$550 or $300 for some ugly garbage.

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I make acoustic guitars as a hobby. I think I'll make my own headphone stands. Maybe if they turn out nice I'll sell them online for $79.99 to 00birdy

The one in post #4, a few minutes with a bending iron, nice simple design though.

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yeah those are $145 apparently.  haha I mean really.  where are they making up these numbers.   I'll be buying some of those $10 home depot ones.  I also found what I think was a slightly different one at Lowes here which seems cool too. 


also found these on like page 70 something of the DIY thread.. another good idea.


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Also have a Sieveking but it is not tall enough for the Audeze(unless you remove the cables)!The stand looks quite stylish,too expensive though!!!

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1st post...


Thanks, Parbaked, for a great idea.  My SR60's should look great on one of those shoulder hooks!

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I have one that's fairly similar to this:


Mine has more wood, but it's the same idea.  I paid about $15 for it from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I got a couple napkin rings and other slightly larger ring type things (toilet paper rolls, lint roller refills, etc.) to slide over the poles to distribute the pressure over a wider area.

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cheap plastic and the cord hits the bottom of the stand... but it looks ok.


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Yep I have the same stand... got it for $5 at BB that one time. Cheap plastic but it's functional, and I do prefer it over makeshift ones like the pipe holders or watnot.

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Fiio HS-1, ~$20. Not the most amazing build quality/materials, but it's cheap and looks good. It even comes with a dust cover.


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