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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post




So far we might only have one particular affordable board that should be good enough for doing what we really want:







That cubieboard could very well be closer to a single box solution once we stuff that inside a case with a battery, a hard drive, an ODAC, and an Objective 2 amp. Then we simply use a phone or a tablet to control the playback of that headless system remotely without worrying about the streaming aspect anymore.


Eventually someone might see the light and create a more integrated system that includes the entire chain from storage + source component to DAC to amp. Less cables to deal with and only a single source of power is required.



^ Hurry seeteeyou, make one of those "single box solution" and orders (including mine) will flood you :P


Seriously though, it is an interesting idea. Does not have to be a single box though (just cubieboard+hard drive+wifi dongle+DAC+battery is good enough). Maybe leave the Objective 2 amp out, since it has its own batteries and many portable amps are available.

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

Thank you very much for the interesting infos.


Do you know if there are any other battery powered portable wi-fi NAS (DLAN/UPnP) or micro computers (500GB+)?

Any ready solution without DIY mods?

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

Thanks again, unfortunately the same 3 battery powered wi-fi NAS as I've already discovered.

PGN won't work with stock software, BMSA has lower spec than SGFS, so I've already ordered GeFlex Satellite, it should be here in a couple of days, I'll PM you if it works for 24 bit-perfect streaming. The hackseagate guys could eventually boost storage and FW.

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Since I'm happy I report that I've the GoFlex Satellite in my hand and tested 24 bit perfect audio data streamed to iPad, even stock player works for supported formats.

Buy it and enjoy.

OT will be updated asap.

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

Thanks, that's interesting, but I'm already done with Seagate GoFlex Satellite.


OT updated with more detailed info and pics of my portable setup, so you can understand how a non powered USB DAC need to be connected for both power and data transfer.

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Originally Posted by Thraex View Post

Here my actual portable setup:
 ....USB Hub....  Tekkeon MP1580 (able to pass power + data) ....

Nice work Thraex!


I may be missing something. Why do you need that USB Hub though, since the Tekkeon charger can pass power+data? Why not just connect the Tekkeon directly to your iBasso DAC/amp?


Also does the Tekkeon have any noise? I have a bigger Tekkeon (which is probably an older 3450 R1 model) that can power laptops, but I found it too noisy when I used it with my DAC+amp a few years ago.  

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Remember most USB chargers are power only so won't pass any data, that's why I've insisted and updated lately point 3) in the OT.


The Tekkeon MP1580 has 1x USB OUT female (power/data OUT) + 1x mini USB IN female (power/data IN), only the USB OUT can comunicate to iPad that it's powered (latest iOS always check power requirements less than 20mV).

In my config, iPad/CCK is connected via Tekkeon mini USB IN which ask for power instead of feeding it, so even with only it attached, iPad's warning about power req still present.

I need to add a USB Hub which is powered as a matter of fact, so able to meet iPad power check (this way Tekkeon mini USB IN works, but doesn't works alone internally).

With my D-Tech battery powered USB Hub (1x mini USB IN, 4 USB OUT), I can use it alone when internal batteries are charged, or use the Tekkeon to feed power to all the 4 USB ports.

Pic added for both configs.


I don't know if It's possible to use only the USB OUT of the Tekkeon with a special USB Y cable able to pass power + data in any of the 3 directions (generally Y USB cables for external USB HDD are power only at one end), since in a USB hub data are managed upon connected devices requests, in a cable you can't manage data.

However even if it's possible you still need to have the right connector at each end (mini USB or USB? Male or female?).

For example if you buy Tekkeon MP1860A (2 USB OUT female, 1 mini USB IN female) you still need a USB male>USB male cable (not a standard, so rare as well) to connect the CCK USB OUT female.


Regarding noise, I've already experienced it in my config, it depend mostly from USB loose connections, mini-USB are much more firm.

When I use Tekkeon USB OUT connected to any USB Hub ports and same ports to USB DAC, I've noise even at lower levels, moving the connector I'm still able to find a position with no low level noise, but it's not a stable config to put in a bag.

With mini-USB IN Hub port I've always no noise at all.


To recap do check all: USB IN or USB OUT, data + power pass, connector type and mini-USB preferable.

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Further noise tests confirm my previous post: mini-USB connector is better than standard USB, more firm the former more loose and noisy the latter.

I've always a high freq noise when I turn the volume max, but that depends on iBasso D7 since even when connected to the notebook USB port (battery or AC powered) the same noise is present.

Tekkeon MP1580 behaves exactly in the same manner, so not its fault.

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Major OT update:


My setup is smaller than ever, I've added the latest pic which will be the last since I don't need anything more.

I've just received the On Lite H420B (search eBay to buy) 4x rechargeable batteries powered USB Hub: it works like a charm and no more need of an external USB charger like Tekkeon MP1580.

Since batteries can be purchased at will, no more power problems for the USB Hub!


I've worked hard also lately and for Point 3) regarding USB chargers able to pass power + data I'll try to explain things better.

To clarify which USB charger can work with iPad, be careful, most USB chargers are power only and the ones able to pass data too work only via USB OUT, so at least two USB OUT are needed (1x iPad 1x USB DAC). The old solution to use an Y cable doesn't work neither (one of the three end is power only) since latest iOS, because iPad check for power req of device asking data, it's not enough to provide power to the USB DAC.

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Thanks for your nice work! Such a battery powered USB hub that is capable to pass USB data is very useful.


That "On Lite H420B" does not seem to be available in USA though (I google'd and searched on eBay, google image and google shopping, found nothing). Do you have an alternative model/product/serial number or name for it? 

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In Italy the direct internet shop is here http://www.onlite.it/shop.asp then search for H420B. The product is very similar if not the same as the Cyberpower CP-H420MP that is sold out but maybe still avaiable somewhere.

If you can't buy it, I think the only option is Tekkeon MP1860A (2x USB OUT, 1x mini-USB IN) or the D-Tech but its battery is very limited.

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I'm newbie. Porgo un caloroso a tutti.

Hello Traex, I have the Seagate Satellite, iPad2 with CCK, K550 and ordered the H420B.

I want tell You, and other Friends, two things:

Do You now if the ibasso d6 is also compatible to CCK? and

Why You don't have considered the ibasso dx100?


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