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Originally Posted by bmichels View Post

What player are you using With DSD files ?

Does the player see the files in the IPad and those in the wireless HD as part of just ONE music librairie ?

Can a playlists use files strored on both locations ?

I don't use DSD files. I am quit happy playing upto 24/96 files in iPeng or upto 24/192 in 8player.


I don't use playlists. Both in iPeng and 8player all Albums are listed separately with the tracks they contain.


I don't care whether the music I like is in FLAC, ALAC, WAV or DSD, DFF, DSF format. For me music is the most important factor not the format it is in. I rather listen to the music I love on a medium Fi systen than to Audiophile selected music on a super High-End system. Let others pay thousands of Euros on their DACs, Amps and Headphones or speakers Im happy with my devices.

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

For those of us who are interested in a mobile solution for native 24/192 streaming to an external USB DAC, this particular one below should be fairly simple





Since I'm Celadus in Computer Audiophile forum and have not seen much interest there at the time, I've updated infos only here lately and that thread is much more obsolete than this.

Now I've some good news and I've updated the title and OP (1st post) for DSD to iOS streaming, it's not polished since a lot of infos are obsolete, I'll do better next time when I'll check some more interesting things.





If you have a compatible USB DSD DAC, you can stream DSD natively (bit-perfect) to iOS without converting to PCM (which is not the purer or best performance path to follow).

A very important thing for wi-fi streaming is that if you've set the server to convert on-the-fly DSD to 24bit PCM, you can't stream big DSD files (over 10 min) to iOS, with DSF files you can and with better sound!


Follow these instructions to stream DSD to iPad natively using JRiver MC 19 server (DoPE=DSD over PCM Ethernet) and 8player:


In JRiver MC19 go to TOOLS>OPTIONS>MEDIA NETWORK>ADD OR CONFIGURE DLNA SERVERS... >ADVANCED (near the bottom) check "Bitstream DSD (requires DoPE compliant renderer)"


In iOS, with the CCK or LtUSBA connected to the USB DAC (iDSD), start 8player seek JRMC19 library and play DSD bit-perfectly!

I guess with 8player the iPad is a DoPE compliant renderer...

(NOTE= since JRiver server sends native DSD this way, you can't stream to a PCM renderer a DSD file anymore).


This trick should work with any DoPE server, just check for the specific stream setting.

I've tested only DSD64, but I think DSD128 should work if wi-fi isn't stressed too much.


Since wi-fi streaming DSD to iPad it's possible using a DoPE server let's seek a wireless storage portable server that can do it.

With my Seagate GoFlex Satellite DSF files are not even displayed in 8player.

Maybe the latest Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB can do it?

Anyone has one to check DSD stream to iOS using 8player?

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Great! Thanks for linking some good stuff, but I'd like an easy guide to use the GoFlex Satellite for DSD streaming to iOS.
Could you help?

Do you know any battery powered portable wireless server which is DoPE compliant and could stream DSD out of the box?
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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

You're very welcomed.

The thing is, it's still somewhat easier to create "DoP encoded 24/176 FLAC" rather than spending time on MiniDLNA



I hope that ALAC (good for 8Player) could also work while both DoP and tags could be retained, still not tested yet.

Thank you very much!

Since I have Windows 7 I can't use Sonore but the Foobar foo_input_packeddsd.dll component + FLAC Frontend as described in the link above works perfectly converting DSD to DoP FLAC files.

Just add one more stage and convert that FLAC to ALAC and you've DoP ALAC!

Tested wi-fi streaming DoP ALAC from GoFlex Satellite to iPad>LtUSBCA>iFi Nano iDSD.


The problem now is using Foobar as a player, since no files are playable anymore leaving other settings as before.

In my case I have to remove the Foobar foo_input_packeddsd.dll component and return to the standard SACD 0.7.1 component.

Maybe there's a solution to keep both (Foobar player and DoP FLAC converter) but I have not time to go into this since JRiver and 8player are what I use.


Do you know if there's a solution to convert in Foobar directly to DoP ALAC to avoid another conversion?


I'll update the instructions you linked with the DoP FLAC to DoP ALAC conversion to use any wireless portable storage with iOS devices.


Thanks again.

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Originally Posted by seeteeyou View Post

No problem, you could try this "Portable installation" so that 2nd instance could be launched whenever the conversion is needed





We could even put that instance of foobar2000 on an external drive.


Now the original instance of foobar2000 won't be affected and that could be dedicated to music playback only.



Another alternative here





Let's wait and see how that goes. DoP FLAC didn't work that well for iBasso DX50 and HiFiMAN HM901 when they're connected to Chord Hugo with a coaxial cable. Occasional dropouts occurred and we're looking forward to better results with the USB route.

Me too with FLAC I've had always problems streaming to iPad, even if the file plays with 8player the USB DAC isn't able to display the correct frequency, it sticks with first freq received and then never change since next session. With ALAC never a problem.


Thanks again for sharing this too, in my case I keep Foobar just for the conversion to DoP FLAC since I've tried to convert to DoP ALAC directly in Foobar, but with FFMPEG it doesn't work, so for now I use dbpoweramp.

Maybe using QAAC works?

Anyone has tested it?

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Hibiki (new) - seems to play full DSD files (only DSD only) on iDevice. (dff, dsf and wsd file with NO conversion. You can test Hibiki for free from Apple Appstore)

It has (again) not so fantastic access to the files on remote device (or DLNA).


Looks like 8Player is the only way around.


Will try iPhone/iPad -> 8Player -> Hugo for decoding DSD/hires FLAC.


For accessing files : Seagate Wireless HDD, and hackseagatesatellite modification.


As tested with iPhone on my DLNA (using LMS), it worked perfectly playing back the files (and DoP files up to DSD 2.8 only)

Therefore the Hackseagatesatellite will have miniDLNA in it that will act as share to the iPhone device which should automatically picked up by 8Player.


Now looking to see if Hibiki path will work well for DFF. DSF and WSD files running off a DLNA share. If not, will test both SMB or even FTP, but I think it will not work.

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Almost all NAS with DLNA will be able to support this. Make sure it is standard DLNA implementation and not some unknown DLNA compatible ones.

FLAC seems to be good container for holding the DoP file as it is "streamable" and has metakeys which has things like Album Art and such embedded in the file.


I tested the iPhone using 8player with LMS (old squeezeserver) which has DLNA, and it worked perfectly. All files and folders appear as it is in 8player.


That was why I am interested in using Seagate Wireless hacked that has miniDLNA inbuild for streaming into 8Player and DoP into a DAC like Hugo.

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Playback dsd I don't think is a problem with minidlna, it's more the software player that could not accept the dsd file to play. It if it does, it has no dlna client features inbuilt.

Dlna is just an interface to index media files, if not, present in a simple file folder view only.

Lastly, I don't think dsd files are built for streaming. More for hi res archive.
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8player is able to play DSF files without any conversion using JRiver MC19 with DSD bitstream enabled on the server settings.

Using Seagate GFS stock wi-fi server it doesn't works with the same DSFs, to play DSD I need to convert DSF to DoP ALAC since even DoP FLAC isn't working.

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I'm not having good luck streaming 24/96 ALAC from a Seagate Satellite to my iPhone 4S using any of the following apps.


VLC Player


The Seagate Media app works just fine but it's really a no-frills player.  The problem I'm having is with audio skipping/dropping out to the point where it is nearly impossible to stream an entire uninterrupted song.  And yes I have set the VLC Player for the highest buffering allowed.  I'm using the latest Seagate Satellite firmware.  Any suggestions or experiences are appreciated.


My favorite music player for the iPhone is the Onkyo HF Player with the HD in-app purchase.  It's too bad that it cannot access remote storage.

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Also .....

Does anyone have any successful experiences with other portable wireless streaming storage?  I do like the Satellite but it is a bit bulky and I would rather use one of the more compact options out there.  I'm aware of the following:


Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

Kingston Wi-Drive

Maxell AirStash

Sony Portable Wireless Server


Of course, a successful experience would entail streaming Hi-Res 24bit music to the iPhone without downconverting so that it can be fed to a USB DAC either via their build-in app or one of the other players that can stream from wireless storage media.


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