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Judge recommends using headphones!

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Reported in the news today-

A US woman has been arrested four times in 26 hours for blasting AC/DC song Highway To Hell and other loud music from her home.

Joyce Coffey was given a police warning on Tuesday afternoon at her home in Epping, New Hampshire, for playing the decades-old rock track.

But officers were called back an hour later and arrested her for the same offence.

She was then held again five hours later, but was again released before she was picked up just before dawn on Wednesday for playing more loud music, including tracks by Guns N' Roses.

Police arrested her for a fourth time after her nephew said he tried to remove some of his belongings from her house and she threw a frying pan at him, hitting him in the head.

Officers said alcohol may have been a factor in Coffey's behaviour.

Coffey was jailed on Friday and a judge has recommended she uses headphones in future.

She is due back in court on October 15, officials said.


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RFLMAO she would be a prime member for headfi ;). Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head (highway to hell). Gonna have to see if I have it in lossless :P.

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I remember once some new neighbours made partying hard all night a regularity. Loud crap music with loads of bloated bass shaking both their house and the place I was living in. Well, these girls carried on having a good time, despite numerous complaints to them and the local coucil (government institutions). They got a bit too smart though for their own good and pushed it just that bit too far- they invited (invited?) too many people to one of their nights and some of these newcomers liked what they saw in the hifi/tv system and stole the whole lot. 


The girls wouldn't be unfazed though and bought new, beefier, hifi systems (or got some from insurance but I doubt cos' they're too dumb to know anything about that even), pumped up the music and carried on with the 'I don't give a crap about anyone else- as long as I'm having fun' attitude. Err, the next week it happened again- This time their entire place got ransaked including laptops, cameras and probably kitchen cooking equipment too. You know what, no one in the neighbourhood noticed a robbery taking place as the daily behaviour of these girls was so wild, people thought these robberies were part of their party! Maybe a boy who cried wolf type of situation.


Anyway, the next time I heard music from that place was from a £30 radio with an inbuilt cdplayer. A lovely tinny, bass-less, quiet, muddy sound that the neigbours sure appreciated cos' they coudn't hear it!!

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