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Sony XB500s or Beats????

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Ive got into a lot of arguments about how my amazing xb500s are better than everybodys beats, and im not even sure if they are... so i thought you guys would know and i dont want this to be a money thing, just purely sound.
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Neither. If you must say which one is better, the Beats Pro will definitely be better than the XB500s.
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Originally Posted by ryanetto87 View Post

Beats pro studio and solo hd are all better then the 500 the original solo are on the same level.

IMO only the pros beat the xb500s. The studios, solo hd, and solos just aren't as good. 

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is that true Beats Pros are better than XB500 ?

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Like others, only Beats Pro and maybe the Mixr I'd concider better than XB500, the Studios, Solo HD (or non HD) are worse.

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Personally, the XB500s take the cake, by far.

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500's all the way dude.

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the xb500 is a much better deal and is better than solo hd but idk about studio

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If the xb500s were sold under the beats brand then they would probably cost 5 times more.

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