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Beyerdynamic DT 235 - Wow!

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Holy sh** guys, why doesn't this headphone get more love around here? I picked it up for $38 on Amazon and for the price they are absolutely stellar. They beat the Monoprice 8323, IMO, which I consider to also be a $40 headphone since its stock ear pads are deplorable and have to be replaced. With DT250 velour pads I really like the 8323, however the soundstage is pretty ridiculously narrow and that can make them sound congested at times. The DT 235 doesn't have this problem. In fact they're the only budget cans I've found so far that don't have an extremely narrow soundstage and an overall congested sound to my ears. Its also accurate and sounds great. They don't have emphasized bass but the bass is there, is quite appealing, and extends quite well too. Not enough for bassheads but great bass for the average audiophile I would say. The rest of the frequencies are equally good and I don't hear any obvious spikes or troughs. Everything just sounds right, and better than anything else I've tried in this price range.


I've been searching for the best budget cans and the DT 235 definitely takes it. I've bought the 8323, HD202, AH-D310 and DT235 so far and the 235 is the obvious winner, though the 8323 comes pretty close. I wish it had a detachable cable like the 8323 but that's a lot to ask at this price point. The cord on the 235 is a little longer than I'd like it to be since, other than that fact, it works pretty great as a portable IMO. But these are small complaints. Overall this headphone is frackin' awesome. Very highly recommended at ~ $40. Even at $50+ its a good value IMO. The velour pads are nice and comfy and should be great for most people but maybe not ideal for those with overly large ears. Its lightweight but quite durable... what else can I say, these things are awesome.

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Yep, this is the hidden gem of Beyer. It is very popular in the mainland China, however due to its look, no matter how fantastic it sounds... it is getting less attention that it deserves.

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I always wondered about this headphone but nobody talks about it. So glad somebody brought it up here. 

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I can definitely see how a Beyerdynamic that looks like a $15 counterfeit Sennheiser flew under the radar regardless of sound. Interesting.

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I actually like the look of these. Its different and probably not for everyone and the upper headband sits above your head which can look weird but its not too bad unless you have a really small head. Overall I think they look great and I love how lightweight and comfortable they are. But I digress... the SQ is definitely the best part of these. :)

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I've been a huge fan of these headphones for a long time. Too bad I have the white ones.

Did you know that you can make them circumaural with HD-202 pads? Unfortunately it bloats the bass (a ton) and you need to do a mod.

I've posted one in another thread somewhere. You block off one of the holes behind the driver.


It actually works with Maxell DHP-II memory foam pads. Too bad you can't find those.


These along with the DHP-II are some of my favorites under $60. I prefer both to the Kicker/Monoprice and even the Panasonics.


Another one I like is the UR-55, but it's not that comfortable.


Here's an old thread I've made with pictures:


(the picture above is with Maxell DHP-II memory foam pads.

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I like the sound of these more than pretty much every headphone under $50 I've tried an also many that are more expensive; granted, I've never tried many of the bang-for-buck favorites these days in that range.  InnerFidelity graphs show a lot of bass distortion, at least at 90-100 dB SPL, definitely higher distortion everywhere by 100 dB (but very good performance otherwise).  Maybe I just never cranked the volume enough with a track with deep enough bass, to hear that.


I really don't like earpad headphones though, so I'd never get a DT 235 for myself.  These are relatively comfortable for that class, but it's a no-go:  only fullsize cans and IEMs for me.

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The pads actually fit all the way around my ears, albeit just barely, so they're quite comfortable for me. I agree, I pretty much hate supraaurals aside from when portability is the most important factor.

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Beyer DT235 is really good.

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Definitely a great little headphone.

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I own the Beyerdynamic DT 770PRO 80ohm and the DT 235,ofcourse the 770 is better than the 235 but if my 770 should (God forbidd) I will deffently survive with the 235 and I would not be in a hurry to get another set. I really like this small Beyers.beyersmile.png

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Hi from Venezuela, I'm looking for on amazon a good pair of headphones (inexpensive), for PC video games, how about they are for that purpose?



I had planned to buy these: Panasonic RP-HTF600-S, are less expensive, but add the velour ear pads increase the cost. And the same goes to the Samson SR850...


In advance, thanks for any help...


Is very similar to the AD700 signature, maybe has lack bass too:




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Hey jazh23.


In my opinion the DT 235 are very good for video games. Compared to others in their price range the soundstage on the DT 235 is really quite impressive. I've used mine for gaming several times and have been very happy with it. The same should apply for movies as well.

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Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Hey jazh23.


In my opinion the DT 235 are very good for video games. Compared to others in their price range the soundstage on the DT 235 is really quite impressive. I've used mine for gaming several times and have been very happy with it. The same should apply for movies as well.



Thanks for share your experience with me, I think that i'll buy one pair right now on amazon. I like their design, seem to be very comfortable and reliable.


Me again, between the DT 235 and Creative Aurvana Live which one is better? The CAL! are more expensive $60...

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Hi everybody, can i change/replace the cable on this Beyer DT235 with something longer (by example cable for monster by DR. Dre ?) Thank you for answer ;-)

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