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For Sale:
REOPENED IC: 120GB DIYmod + JDSLabs C421 (OPA8620)

Will Ship To: US only

Hey all, I cannot believe I'm posting this, but I'm throwing my DIYmod/C421 combo up for sale. To get it out of the way, let me post the details:


  • 60GB motherboard on Ipod (64MB cache, no stuttering on FLAC as is common with the 32MB cache models)


  • Wolfson DAC (Sweet sound)


  • Aftermarket OEM white faceplate added, kept original black clickwheel


  • 120GB Samsung HDD added, along with new hard drive cable


  • JDSLabs C421 (OPA8620, ClieOS voted best sounding portable amp <$200)


  • DIYmod done using 30AWG solid core silver wire from Homegrown Audio


  • DIYmod LOD made using Toxic Cables UP-OCC wire, Viablue 3.5mm plug, and Elna Simlic 10uF caps


  • All held together using 3M Low Profile Dual Lock



Ok and now for the rest of the info on this. This has been my main rig for a while, and to be frank, I find it has sounded astounding with anything I've thrown at it. It's running the latest version of Rockbox. I can personally guarantee everything works (obviously since it's been my main rig), and everything is operational. Cosmetically, the clickwheel is used looking (original clickwheel, fully operational), along with the back of the Ipod (won't see it when strapped to amp). As the pictures show, the silk screening of the C421 is wearing a little bit in some parts, but as far as I know they are planning replacements for that. Personally once I got used to it, I never paid any attention to labeling.


The LOD has a slight issue with the left side. I melted a little near the button with my iron when constructing it, and the button got stuck when I filled the LOD with epoxy. This means the left prong won't be a button press to get out. I personally have been using a paperclip to push the prong in when I need to charge it. If this is a huge issue, let me know and I can construct a completely new one for you for very little. It doesn't affect the Ipod in any way.


So why am I thinking of selling this? There's another player that has caught my eye, and curiosity has always been my downfall in this hobby. Do I feel it can beat my combo? I'm not really sure, but this is the best HDD based rig you will find south of getting a CLAS combo (in my humble opinion).


I'm free to any questions on this, and will answer to the best of my ability. If you need any more pictures, or even a video to prove it is fully functional, I can even do that. I feel my price is fair, but it is negotiable within reason.


I will ship with free Priority mail with tracking anywhere in the US. Outside US, I will cover as much as it would be to ship it in the US, and whatever is left will be you.


Thanks for reading, and if you end up getting it, I hope you love it as much as I do :)

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